Glastonbury Lacrosse Club

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  1. THE SAFETY OF OUR YOUNG PLAYERS IS THE COACHES NUMBER 1 PRIORITY AT ALL TIMES. Coach must take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of the players and this includes, if necessary, stopping play in order to discuss safety concerns with opposing coaches and the referees.
  2. Coaches shall have with them at all practices and games the medical kit provided by the GLC as well as the Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contact Information for all team members. The Head Coach must ensure that this information is at practice and/or games even if the Head Coach will not be.
  3. GLC CONCUSSION MANAGEMENT POLICY: Coaches must be aware of the signs and symptoms of a concussion and be alert to carefully examine any player that has sustained a blow to the head of any kind. This information was provided to the Coach at the GLC Mandatory Coaches’ Meeting as well as can be found on the reverse side of this document and on the GLC website.
  4. “WHEN IN DOUBT, LEAVE THE PLAYER OUT” For any player who the Coaches suspect sustained a concussion for any reason, no matter how severe or minor, the Coach MUST immediately remove that player from participation and seek medical attention for the player.
  5. If the Coaches believe a concussion has been sustained the Player SHALL NOT be permitted to return to practice or play without the express written medical authorization/permission from the child’s medical provider stating that the child is cleared to participate in youth sports, and in particular lacrosse.
  6. If a player loses consciousness for any length of time for any reason during practice or game, the Coach MUST CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and then contact the Parent/Guardian and/or Emergency Contact.
  7. After a player who has actually sustained a concussion has been cleared by a trained medical professional and written authorization/permission has been provided to the coach, the player should be gradually returned to play commencing with light aerobic activity on the first day of return and slowly progressing into sport specific conditioning and running drills then on to non-contact drills such as line drills, shooting drills, passing drills and only then to full contact practice drills. The Coach shall monitor the player to see if he/she remains symptom free through the activity and throughout the night/day until next practice. If symptoms arise during a day of activity, activity should be stopped immediately and that day would be repeated the following day.
  8. No player who returns from a concussion, after proper written authorization has been provided to the Coach, shall participate in a GAME until that player has participated in a minimum of THREE (3) practices.
  9. If any player is believed to have sustained a head injury and/or concussion, the Coach MUST complete a Suspected Head Injury/Concussion Notification Form and provide the same to the Player’s Parent and/or Guardian and MUST notify the Coaching Coordinator immediately of the injury. In the case of any injury sustained by a player during a practice or game, the Coach must notify the player’s parent and/or guardian.
  10. In the event that a player must be transported from the field by ambulance, the coach shall ensure that the parent, guardian, coach, an assistant coach or another parent volunteers to accompany the injured player in the ambulance to the hospital.
  11. Coaches shall be attentive to players’ dehydration. Coaches shall provide sufficient water breaks during practice and shall substitute during games to ensure all players are properly hydrated.
  12. Coaches shall be aware of any special medical conditions noted on a player’s registration form and not take any action contrary to any player’s known medical conditions.
  13. If any Coach is in doubt about any injury or condition of any player at any time, the Coach should contact the Parent/Guardian (or Emergency Contact) and/or 911 – Always Play it Safe !