OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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2003 Baseball Commissioners:


Mark Lehman

John Carmody


Mike Malaychuk

Paul McGovern


Rey Guajardo

Karl Schramm


Rich Callaghan

Tony Marchese


John Barkowski

Bob Zaremba


Ken Wilkas

Travel Commissioner:

Mike Forde

2002-2003 Basketball Commissioners:

3rd Grade: Brad Popovich
4th Grade: Mike Malaychuk
5th Grade: John Carney
6th Grade: Greg Galgan
7th Grade: John Barkowski
8th Grade: Dan Flynn
Frosh/Soph: Mike Conrad
Jun/Sen: James Amedeo
3 pt Commissioner: Mel Mocco
Contest Winners: Brian Mocco, T.K. Niemiera, and Wally Mansour

OYA Board 2003:
Tim Brkovic, President

Greg Galgan, 1st Vice President (Manager of Trophies, Uniforms, and Equipment)

Jim Knawa, 2nd Vice President

Gary Niehaus, Treasurer

Ray Lipke, Secretary

Letter from the President:

After another year, I again need to thank everyone from parents, coaches, and last but not least, the commissioners. Without the hard work they do, our kids would not have a season. Its important to remember that we play our games in the school's gyms that we don't own or control, but use from the school district, so sometimes we might have a problem or two with double bookings, but we always get things worked out.

Please remember that it is never the fault of the night personnel at the schools, so please don't give them a hard time.

I know I have said this before but it needs repeating, with everything going on in this world today, we all need to get away from it and have some fun. Let's not let the games become more important than they really are. This is for fun and at the end of the night we all go home and watch the news.  We see what is really important in life. Let's all hope things work out so all kids around the world can play some games and have some fun.

Thank you all, Tim Brkovic