To Provide Flag Football to the Youth of the Community

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Moorestown Youth Flag Football League

2018 Fall Season


Welcome to the Moorestown Youth Flag Football League (MYFFL). The league continues to grow and this year we expect to have over 800 children enrolled. This letter is intended to answer some of the basic questions about the league. We hope that our league brings you and your children a season of thrills, camaraderie, and football fun!
What is the leagues’ mission?

The Moorestown Youth Flag Football League is a community-based private non-profit recreation program for boy’s and girl’s grade one through twelve to become involved in a non-contact football program. The league’s goal is to provide a fun experience learning football fundamentals for for all participants while incorporating values of teamwork, responsibility, and sportsmanship.  

Who is eligible to play in the league?

Enrollment in the league is open to boys and girls who live, or attend a school full-time located, in Moorestown, NJ.  Registration is conducted on the league's website during a specific period of time each year.  This year regular registration period is between April 13th and June 16th.  Late registration may be available based on availability thru 6/30.  Registering during any registration period is subject to space being available on teams.

Is the league very competitive?
Although kids and adults alike are committed and passionate about the game, the league’s primary focus is to provide a fun and educational environment for the kids of Moorestown to play football. The kids are given the opportunity to play any position they want and do not have assigned positions. Every kid plays every game and the coaches work to ensure an equal distribution of the football.

Are the teams organized by age?

The league is organized by grade. The kids in each grade are organized into teams and play against each other. Based upon league enrollment, some grades will be combined so that enough teams can be created. In all grades, the league attempts to create balanced teams so that the kids have a fun and exciting season. For our 2018 season we expect to have 6 coed leagues for 1st thru 6th grades and separate boys and girls leagues for middle school (7-8th grades) and high school (9-12th grades) students.

Can my child be placed on a team with their friends?

We try to accommodate such requests for our 1st grade league, but for 2nd thru 8th grades we try to distribute players to balance teams so every team is competitive leading to more fun for all players. Our high school leagues are more flexible and again may allow for friends to play together on the same team.

What is the league calendar and when are games and practices?

This year, the season runs from the week after Labor Day until the weekend before Thanksgiving. Games are played each week and weekend during the season with only weekends off expected during teachers convention week. Here is a link to our 2018 Game and Practice Schedule:

Where are games played?

All games are played at the Wesley Bishop Flag Football Fields at the first entrance of Wesley Bishop’s field on Church Road. The league has 6 lighted flag football fields that will be used for all practices and games.
What is expected of the parents?

Our league is recreational in nature and for the enjoyment of the kids. We need your help at the games to keep it fun for the kids. We ask that you work with us to keep our games and practices positive and motivating. We strive to promote fair play and good sportsmanship. As parents, we can become caught up in the moment of the game. In past seasons, comments made in excitement have instead taken away from the enjoyment of the game for the kids. If you have a concern, please discuss it with your coach in an appropriate manner. Remember the kids look to us as role models in these situations.

Will scores and standings be posted?

After each weekend, the game’s results will be posted at the league website,

How can I get involved in the league?

The league is purely staffed by the community. The coaches and league officials are volunteers from Moorestown. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with your kid’s football team, please ask your coach or email the league Commissioner at .

How many kids are on the team? How many kids play?

Depending on enrollment, the teams range in size from 7 to 10 players. On both offense and defense, each team is allowed to have 5 players on the field. Each child will have equal playing time as their teammates and can play both offense and defense.