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Fall Baseball Rules
Click here for the 2019 Fall Baseball rules.
Fall Baseball Age Divisions

Ages (as of midnight, April 30, 2020):

Player and team placement is based on 2020 Spring Season play. Players entering High School are not eligible to play.

  • 14         - 60' pitching, 90' bases (pitching mounds)
  • 13         - 54' pitching, 80' bases (if available)
  • 11-12    - 50' pitching, 70' bases
  • 9-10      - 46' pitching, 65' bases
  • 8u          40' pitching, 60' bases (Kid Pitch)
  • 6-8        - 40' pitching, 60' bases (Modified Kid Pitch)

Important Dates:

  • 6/17/2019  - Registration begins
  • 7/26/2019   - Registration ends
  • 8/11/2019   - Practices begin (one field practice per week and optional cage use)
  • 8/18/2019   - First games
  • 9/1/2019     - No games (Labor Day)
  • 9/29/2019  - Last regular season games
  • 10/6/2019   - End Of Year Tournament
  • 10/13/2019  - Makeup Date for Tournament
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates for the Fall Baseball Season?

Practices start the week of 8/11/2019.

First games 8/18/2019.

End of year tournament 10/6/2019 (makeup date 10/13/2019).

2. What days will Fall Baseball games be played and what are the game times?

Games are only played on Sundays. Players in the 6-8 age group will play single games lasting 1hr 30 min. Players in the 8u will play double headers lasting 1hr 30mins. Players 9-14 will play double headers lasting 1hr 45min. 

3. What age groups can play baseball in the Fall Baseball season?

We will have 6/8, 8u, 9/10, 11/12, 13, and 14 age groups this year. Players will play at the age in the division they are expected to play next Spring/Summer. For example, a player who is now 10 years old (4th grade) and will play next spring at age 11 (5th grade), will play on a 11/12 team this Fall. The idea is to give the players a taste of what they will encounter next spring/summer, especially for those going up in field size.

​Players entering High School next spring are not able to participate in the fall league.

4. What if I have a full or partial team and we want to register individually?

If you already have players for your team just follow steps below:

1. The coach must register their athlete and pay in full. 

2. The coach will email a list of the player's names to the fall baseball director to verify players are assigned correctly. 

3. Each player will then register individually online.  Please make sure the registrant puts the coach's name down in the "coach request" box.

5. What if our team has never played with Bear Creek or South Jeffco or wants to register as a full team?

Not a problem, we have teams ranging from Ft Collins to Colorado Springs and as far west as Summit County that play with us each fall.  Schedules can be accommodated to allow for travel times in most cases.  You can register as a team or individually pending your needs.

For team registration:

1. The coach will register as a team in the system and pay in full. 

2. The coach will email the full roster to the fall baseball director for player verification. 

Note: Team must provide its own insurance and jerseys.  No practice field will be provided.  

6. Are there tryouts for fall baseball teams?

There are no tryouts for fall baseball. Players can sign up individually, and we place players as best as we can with like talent based on questions on registration form. South Jeffco and Bear Creek typically hold tryouts in October after the end of the fall baseball league tournament.

7. What if I do not have a team or coach to sign up with?

Not a problem, we are always in need of players at all levels of ability to participate on teams.  We attempt to place you on a like ability team.

8. What is the cost per player for the Fall Baseball program?

2017 Registration fees were $110/player for age divisions 6-8 and $215/player for age divisions 8 D1- 14. Team registration fee is $1100 for age division 6-8 and $1890 for age divisions 8 D1 - 14. 

9. Where will the Fall Baseball games be played and what time do they start?

All games are normally played at Clement Park, Columbine Sports Park (K&E), Dante field, Ken Caryl Community Park, Lakewood Addenbrooke Park, Lakewood Link, Lakewood Park, Lakewood Ray Ross, Marker Park, Peak (Easton South), Schaefer Athletic Complex, and local high school fields. Game schedules and additional information will be made available on the "Fall Baseball" web pages at the Jeffco League website.  Games are played throughout the day from 8 am to 8 pm.

10. How many games can we expect to play during the Fall Baseball Season?

6 to 8 year olds will play six games (no doubleheaders) plus the post season tourney (7-9 games in all).

8 D1 to 14 year olds will play doubleheaders every Sunday for six weeks, plus a post season tourney (13-15 games in all).


If rainouts occur, we will do our best to get a make up game in either by adding a game to Sunday or adding a game Monday through Saturday. With fall there are many team restrictions that prevent make up games. Our end of season tournament does have a backup weekend, which is the weekend following the planned end of season tournament.

11. Are there practices during the week?

We provide individual registration teams a 2 hour practice slot on a Littleton/Lakewood area field during the week. If additional slots are open, coaches can request additional time. We also have outdoor batting cages and an indoor cage option. Practice frequency is up to the coaches and the teams, but most practice once during the week.  We do not provide practice fields to whole team registrations.

12. How, when, and where do we register our kids for the Fall Baseball program?

Registration begins June 17th and will stay open until July 26th.

13. When will we know what team we are on and what division?

After registrations closes rosters will be formed and we attempt to notify coaches the first week of August of their roster. Coaches will be notified of their division once games schedules are complete.

14. What uniforms do the kids wear?

The league will provide a t-shirt/jersey for each player who registers independently. However, we do not provide caps for players in an attempt to keep registration costs to a minimum. Players may use any cap and baseball pants that they want, as well as other personal uniform accessories (sliding shorts, protective cup, long socks, baseball cleats).  Metal cleats are allowed for the 13 and 14 age groups only.

15. What type of bats are allowed in the Fall Baseball league?

All metal bats must be stamped as BPF 1.15 (Bat Performance Factor), USSSA, USBAT or BBCOR and not be listed on USSSA withdrawn/disallowed bat list.  Wood bats are also allowed. It is encourange for 14s to transition to BBCOR drop 3 HS requirements.

16. What equipment is provided in the Fall Baseball league?

Fall Baseball is ran at a low cost.  We will provide new baseballs per game. No other equipment is provide to teams. 



Director Contacts:

Fall Baseball Director - South Jeffco Baseball: Mike Claiborne -

Assistant Fall Baseball Director - South Jeffco Baseball: Jeff Cox -

Assistant Fall Baseball Director - Bear Creek Junior Baseball: Jason Aguilar 


Thank you for choosing Jeffco Sports Cooperative Baseball!