CHC Neck Guard Rule:
All CHC players Mites through Midgets, are required to wear “BNQ Certified” neck guards. It is the responsibility of all programs to inform their members that neck guards do not protect from blunt trauma caused by pucks or sticks. The penalty for not wearing a neck guard will be a warning for a player’s first offense in a game; a misconduct penalty shall be assessed to the player for a subsequent offense during the same game.
CHC Neck Guard Rule Interpretation:
The initial penalty for a violation of this rule for the first time in a game is warning to the team. Officials will warn the player that is not wearing a neck guard as well as the coach of the offending team. All subsequent violations will result in a misconduct penalty to the player that is not wearing a neck guard. Officials should see that commercially manufactured neck guards are worn by all players and should not ask player to remove neck guards looking for a “BNQ” certification” This is the responsibility of the coach/program. If a player is clearly wearing a non-commercially manufactured neck guard (i.e. a sweatband); then the player should be sent off the ice to get the proper equipment.   This rule is in place for all CHC teams only. Any non-CHC teams are not required to wear neck guards. Officials will follow the USA Hockey rule when applying this rule to non-CHC teams. Officials do not take neck guard challenges from opposing players or coaches.
If the coach’s information is not complete when they sign the sheet, they should make a note on the score sheet and inform the scorekeeper that he needs to get that information. Most all programs are planning to use stickers that can be generated from the registration program for players and teams. Please remind all participants that if stickers are used, any player crossed off on the first copy must also be crossed on all the remaining copies.
Policy for ending games-Out of ice time - CURFEW GAME RULE
Ø       It is the official’s responsibility to keep the games running on time. 
Ø       It is the official’s responsibility to manage ice time remaining
Ø       The officials must know what time the ice slot is over and adjust the game appropriately when there is a time restraint. 
Ø       The rule, which will be standard for all officials in all CHC games is as follows and is referred to as the 50/50 Rule:
o        The official will take the amount of time left to play the remainder of the game and split this time in half and play stop and go hockey. 
o        Historically, this approach works 99% of the time. If the game still runs late, you can go to running time, however the Last two minutes must be stop time or losing team has right to have game voided
Ø       If the game does not end correctly, this is a suspended game, NOT a completed game. You must write “Game suspended, out of time” on the scoresheet and sign the scoresheet
Ø       Make sure games end correctly!!
Spectator Ejection Policy
USA Hockey fan ejection policy: If you elect to eject a spectator from the rink because his/her actions are detrimental to the conduct of the game, stop play, inform the off-ice officials to have the spectator removed, and while they are doing that, play will not resume but the game clock will continue to run down! Use this only when fan actions interfere with the game or with your discharge of your duties.