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1. General Information

Awards will be given to the 1st and 2nd place teams within each division at the completion of the championship game at the tournament headquarters, or on the field upon which the game was played.


The tournament committee, directors, and any of its sponsors or partners will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part, nor will any refunds be made.


The tournament committee, directors, any of its sponsors or partners, the local and state associations will not be held responsible for injury during this tournament.


The tournament directors have the final authority in the interpretation of the rules and operation of the tournament.

The tournament directors have the authority to combine any age groups and brackets.

2. Eligibility Requirements

The tournament is open to registered USSF, USYSA, and US Club Soccer teams that play a regular season together. Each registered team in the U13 through U18 divisions is allowed a maximum of Twenty Two (22) players, teams in the U11 and U12 divisions are allowed a maximum of sixteen (16) players, and teams in the U9 and U10 divisions are allowed a maximum of twelve (12) players. Up to three (3) guest players will be allowed to participate, per team, provided they possess valid player passes. Players may only register and play with one team during the tournament unless prior approve of the tournament director. All players and coaches must have a laminated USYSA-USSF youth player registration card with picture and signature on the back. A medical release form for each player, a travel permission form for teams outside the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association jurisdiction, 1 copy of a verified /approved official state roster and laminated player cards for all players will be required upon check in.


3. Conduct of Players, Coaches and Spectators

Teams, (players and coaches), will sit on the opposite side of the field from spectators.

No spectators will be allowed on the team’s side of the field. Coaches will be permitted to coach only from within the designated coaching area (or technical area) if such an area is marked. If a designated coaching area is not specifically marked for a field, the coaching/technical area for each team shall extend from the 18-yard line to within 10 yards from midfield on each team’s designated half of the field. Coaches will be permitted to coach only from midfield to the 18-yard line on their designated half of the field. Spectators must remain beyond a designated line or at least 10 feet from the playing field. No one shall position themselves behind the goals. Spectators who continually disrupt the game or refuse to abide by the standards of good sportsmanship may be asked to leave the tournament site. All tournament participants are expected to uphold the standards of the game and exhibit the highest levels of good sportsmanship.  Any player or coach ejected from a game will not be allowed to participate in their team’s next scheduled game. Any coach or player ejected from the game must remain at least 100 yards from the game field until the completion of the match. If the player is a minor it is the responsibility of the coach to see that the player has proper adult supervision. Any player or coach ejected for violent conduct will be subject to review by the tournament directors to determine if further participation in the tournament will be permitted.


4. Weather and Related Conditions

Every effort will be made to play scheduled games. However, inclement and severe weather is beyond control. All games will be considered complete if at least one half of the game has elapsed before being called because of weather conditions, poor field conditions, or darkness. In the event of the above conditions, the Tournament Directors shall have the right to alter the format of the game as follows:

1. The duration of the game may be shortened.

2. The game may be relocated or rescheduled.

Only the Tournament Directors can cancel or postpone a match.

In the event of excessive heat conditions, the referees have the option of offering “liquid replenishment” breaks. Every effort will be made to not disturb the “flow of the game”, but the emphasis is on the safety of the players and the officials. It is the responsibility of each team to provide its own water supply or other liquids for their own consumption. There may not be a water supply at every playing site. The Tournament Directors assume no liability or responsibility if the tournament is canceled or shortened by severe or inclement weather conditions.


5. Game Check-In & Forfeitures

The game schedule for this tournament leaves little time between games. It is imperative that teams arrive for games well in advance and be ready to play and take the field immediately upon the completion of the previous game. Game time will begin at the scheduled start time. All games listed Central Daylight Saving Time (CDT). A team playing 11v11 must have a minimum of seven (7) players by the scheduled start time, a team playing 8v8 must have a minimum of five (5) players by the scheduled start time, and a team playing 6v6 must have a minimum of four (4) players by the scheduled start time. Otherwise, the Field Marshall is empowered to declare a forfeit or double forfeit if neither team shows to play. Failure to complete a game or leaving the field of play during the game will result in a forfeit and the Tournament Directors will determine further tournament participation by such team. In the event a team forfeits a game the opponent will be given six (6) points for a win, and awarded a 3-0-goal differential. In case of a double forfeit game, both teams will receive 0 points and be assigned a 0-3 goal differential.


6. Point System

Points will be calculated to determine which teams advance to semi-finals or finals or, in some brackets, the seeding for the next round of play or in “round robin” brackets, first and second place.


Win = 6 points

Tie = 3 point

Loss = 0 points

Goal = 1 point each (maximum of 3/game)

Shutout = 1 point


Ties in points will be broken as follows:

1. Winner of the head-to-head game (not applicable if more than two teams are tied)

2. Goal spread (total of all goals scored minus all goals against- No limit per game)

3. Fewest goals allowed

4. Most wins by shutout

5. Most wins

6. Kicks from penalty mark using modified FIFA rules. (Any player eligible for the

next match may take the kick.)


Overtime: There will be no overtime or penalty kicks for games within a flight, which end regulation time in a tie. For semi-final and championship games, a five-minute rest period will be given before play resumes. During that time, referees will again toss a coin for kick-off. A five-minute “sudden death victory” period will be played. First team to score wins. After first five-minute scoreless period, teams immediately switch goals, and a second five-minute “sudden death victory” period is played. If at this time the score is still tied, kicks from the penalty mark using FIFA rules will be used to determine a winner. In semifinal and championship penalty kick situations, only players on the field at the end of second sudden death victory time period may participate in the penalty kicks.


7. Game Reports

The referee and one official from each team shall sign game reports. The referee has the responsibility of giving the signed “Game Report” to the Field Marshall. Game reports which include any ejected personnel will be delivered to Tournament Headquarters, where results of games will be compiled.


8. Protests

Protests will not be allowed in this tournament. The decisions of the referees are binding and final.


9. Laws of the Game

All games shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game observed by FIFA and as otherwise modified by these tournament rules. The decisions of the referee are final.


10. Match Length and Ball Size                                       

U-17 & 18   2-40 Minute halves             Size 5 Ball    
U-15 & 16   2-35 Minute halves             Size 5 Ball    

U-13 & 14   2-35 Minute halves              Size 5 Ball    

U-11 & 12   2-30 Minute halves              Size 4 Ball    

U-9 &  10    2-25 Minute halves              Size 4 Ball


All games will have a 5-minute half time. The game clock will not stop because of an injury to any player unless, at the discretion of the referee, medical personnel must remove the injured player from the field.


11. Jersey Color Conflicts

In the event two competing teams have like color jerseys as their primary jersey, the team listed first on the schedule shall be considered the home team and must change to an alternate jersey color. Referees will make the final decision on what they consider to be like colors. If a jersey conflict occurs in the playoff rounds, the jersey color will be determined by a coin toss. Generally, the home team should wear white-colored jerseys or the lighter-colored jerseys.


12. Player Substitutions

Teams will be allowed an unlimited number of substitutions subject to the following rules:

1. All substitutions must be made at the mid-field line with the consent of the referee.

2. Substitutions may take place:

a. Prior to throw in by the substituting team, or by both teams if the team throwing in chooses to substitute.

b. Prior to a goal kick by either team.

c. At the beginning of a period of play.

d. After a goal by either team.

e. After an injured person is removed from the field (both teams may substitute a like # of players).

f. Cautioned/YELLOW carded players may be substituted before the restart of play, with the consent of the referee (team not having cautioned players may substitute a like number of players).

g. No substitution shall be allowed for a player ejected from the playing field by the referee. The ejected player’s team shall play short for the remainder of the game. The ejected player shall be prohibited from participating in the next scheduled tournament game. The referee will write the name of the ejected player on the game report. If the player is ejected for violent conduct, the player will not be reinstated to participate further in the tournament until the incident is reviewed by the Tournament Directors. If the ejected individual is a coach, assistant coach, or team manager, the above policy also applies. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and its supporters. Any player who is found to be bleeding or to have blood on their uniform during the match will be asked to leave the field at a stoppage of play. The player may be substituted. The player leaving the field may return to the field only after (a) the bleeding has stopped and/or (b) both the player and the uniform are free of any sign of blood. The assistant referee will check the player and beckon the referee that the player is ready to re-enter the game. At a stoppage of play, the referee will signal the player back onto the field.


13. Players Uniforms and Equipment

Teams are required to have two (2) sets of different colored jerseys. Players must have numbers on the back of their shirts (optional for goalkeepers). Goalkeeper’s jersey must be distinguishable from field players’ jerseys. No player number duplication will be permitted. All players must wear shin guards. Absolutely no jewelry of any kind will be allowed to be worn during a game. Home team will wear light colors and visiting team will wear dark colors. Players must dress uniformly.


14. The maximum number of field players for each age group is as follows:

U9/U10 = 6v6

U11/U12 = 8v8

U13 and Up = 11v11