Belmont Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to the character development of Belmont youth through teaching, coaching and playing ice hockey.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to try out for a team?
All players participate in a skills evaluation to ensure placement at the appropriate skill level. Evaluations for the Mites, Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, Midgets and all the girls levels are held in the spring. Each division has skill appropriate teams and usually rosters teams at three levels in each division. (eg. Squirt A, Squirt B, Squirt C)
When is checking allowed?
Checking is permitted at the bantam level and above. Although contact is inevitable at the younger levels intentional checking is not permitted until bantam. 
How much does it cost to play?
BYHA dues are currently $1500 full boys season, $1400 full girls season(starts October) and $600 (fall season Midget and Girls U19 teams.)  Dues primarily cover the ever-rising costs of league registration and ice expense. 
How long is the BYHA season?
Most teams start practices and games in September and continue their season through mid-April.
How many games and practices are there per week?
Most teams practice for 1 hour 2 times/ week at the Belmont rink or surrounding area rinks and play at least one game per weekend at a league rink (usually witin a 20- minute drive from Belmont). Practices work on skills and stratgy at age and skill appropriate levels.   There are also weekly skills sessions which run once a week from November to Mid February that focus on hockey skills and are run by an outside organization each season.
What leagues does BYHA participate in?
Boys teams play in the Valley League.  Girls play in the Middlesex Yankee Conference Girl's League.  Mite Cs play in the Mite Instructional League in Medford and Learn to play does a scrimmage session each week in Watertown. 
How is league play set up? Is the competition appropriate for my child?
League play is set up to allow your child to play against peers from other towns, both in terms of age and relative ability. The league works to algin competition so that teams play against other teams of equivalent ability and skill. The first several weeks of the season are used to determine each team's ability and then as the year progresses, schedules are adjusted based on how each team plays.
Can my child play other sports or participate in other activities, too?
Yes, BYHA recognizes the benefits of children participating in other activities.  So, while you and your child do not have to "commit" exclusively to hockey at the expense of other sports and activities, missing too many games and practices is not fair to your child or another child who could be playing in your child's spot. Many BYHA players also play sports like football or soccer while others swim and play basketball during the winter.  
What if I missed registration? What if I missed tryouts?
You will need to sign a waiver if you did not play for BYHA this season and you will need to registger ONLINE as soon as possible.  Registration is ONLINE ONLY.  If a player misses tryouts they can play as long as there is a spot on the roster and the Board approves the addition, but must be placed on the lowest level team in their age group so as not to take a spot away from a player who did tryout.
Who runs BYHA , Who coaches my child?
BYHA is a membership organization where all parents are members. Members elect a board to perform the necessary functions and operations for the program. All coaches are volunteers and are USA Hockey certified.