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Groton Tournament Update July 11

by posted 06/27/2007


The U12 team finished up the state tournament with 2 wins and 2 losses.  The Groton kids held their own against the best competition in the state and we are all very proud of their success.

The Groton U11 team has also advanced to the State Tournament by coming in second place to Littleton in the District Tournament.

The Groton U10 team played in Ayer June 30 - July 2 and advanced to the States!  Congratulations U10s!  The next game 11:30am on Saturday June 14 in Hudson.

The Groton U9 team also advanced to the state tournament in Hudson and plays Williamstown on July 21 at 11:30am. 

GYBL thanks you all for your support of our tournament teams.

Summer Baseball Camps

by posted 06/22/2007

We're building a list of  Summer Baseball Camps on our Links page.

See what we've got so far, and if you know of others please send e-mail to , and we'll add it.                        Thank you!

Camps listed are fyi, and not necessarily researched or endorsed by GYBL.

GYBL Night at Lowell Spinners held Sunday, July 22

by GYBL posted 07/10/2007

Thanks to all who turned out for the July 22 GYBL Night at Lowell Spinners' game at beautiful LeLacheur Park !!     It was great to see so many Groton folks together, and a great time was had by all !!

After 12 innings the Spinners took their 4th win in a row.  Click here for game details,

Thank you for your continued support of youth baseball in Groton.

GYBL Night at Lowell Spinners -- Sunday, July 22 !!

by posted 07/10/2007

Please join the GYBL for a Lowell Spinners' ball game at beautiful LeLacheur Park !!
The Lowell Spinners are the Class A Minor League affiliate of the BOSTON RED SOX. 
GYBL Night is a great opportunity to see these future stars, and to raise funds for the GYBL.

WHEN:    Sunday,   July 22, 2007
                 4:00pm   On-field activities with three GYBL teams (participating teams have been notified)

5:00pm   Lowell Spinners  vs. Williamsport

>   $6/each  in Section 4 or 6 (first base side)

>   Distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.  At this writing, there are 61 tickets left. 
>   If you end up with extra tickets that you've paid for, publicize it on Exchange Listings
     to see if someone can buy them.   Be sure to provide your contact info.
>   Arrive by 4:30/4:45 to pick up ordered tickets from a GYBL rep who will stand near the
     Spinners' Box Office. 


>   Click on [TICKETS - July 22] to reserve and pay for tickets  (sorry, no checks)

>   450 Aiken Street, Lowell, MA

>   Visit   www.lowellspinners.com

Thank you for your continued support of youth baseball in Groton.

for players 9-15 years of age as of

Groton is participating with Shirley, Ayer, Dunstable and Littleton in a summer baseball league for 9 to 15 year-olds.  It is designed to be low-key, with games only on weekdays and no practices during the season.  This is the perfect opportunity to extend the season and work on your game in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  

Registration is complete, teams have been formed, and coaches will contact you soon.



Registration Start:  June 12

Registration End:  june 22

GAMES:  2-3 games per week, MON - THURS.  Nights will vary from week to week.


Season Start:  After July 4th  (team schedules TBA)   

Season End:   1st or 2nd week of August (team schedules TBA)





à  $75, both divisions

à  If a player is new to GYBL, please send photocopy of birth certificate (required) to
      GYBL, PO BOX 441, Groton, MA  01450

à  NO REFUNDS (for withdrawals, etc.)


Babe Ruth (Ages 13, 14, 15)    Contact:  Eileen Gromann,  . @gybl.net 
Cal Ripken Minors/Majors (Ages 9, 10, 11, 12)   Contact:   Bill Ferro/Dave Colantuoni,  .

à  Players who played SPRING Babe Ruth are signed up for SUMMER BR.
à  SPRING CR Minors or CR Majors players are signed up for SUMMER CR.

à  SPRING D1 players who are 9 or 10 years old (as of 5/1/2007) are signed up for Cal Ripken, and will 
      be placed on a CR Minors team.

à  As has been done in the past, teams will be built based on feedback from Spring coaches.



How to Register

by posted 06/04/2007

If you have an existing Spring 2007 family account, and want to either register your child who was a Spring 2007 player, or register another child in your family:

1. C
lick Register Online to log in to your existing family account.  If you forget your account password, simply enter your email address on the login page and click "submit." The system will immediately email your password to you.

2. Once logged into your account, you see a list of your family members who are in the system.   Click on the [register] button next to the name of the child you want to sign up.

3. You may add a new child to your account after logging in to your existing family account.

Please note:  If your child played baseball during Spring 2007, your family already has an account in our system.  Please do not create another account.  Creating a new account leads to duplicates in the system and problems creating rosters. 

Team Photo Schedule

by posted 05/12/2007

Location:  COW POND.    Pls direct questions to your coach.

 ThUrsday, 5/24 Tuesday, 5/29  Thursday, 5/31

Monday, 6/4
Rescheduled to Thu, 6/7

Resched to Tue, 6/12

Ressched to Tue, 6/12
Middle school








CR Maj/Mets












CR Maj/Blue Jays












CR Maj/Indians




TB/Blue Jays








CR Maj/Pirates


































CP/Red Sox
























CP/White Sox












CR Maj/Spinners












CR Maj/White Sox






Fields Update

by GYBL posted 05/13/2007

We began the year with the improvement of our playing fields as our number one priority. GYBL hired Secino Landscaping of Leominster to do all three fields at Cow Pond and they look great. We owe a great deal of thanks to Kevin and Ryan Secino for coming two Sundays in a row with a crew of six guys so that our fields would be in great shape for Opening Day. They were also nice enough to become a major sponsor of GYBL.

We also extend our thanks to Dave Howes and Don Black of the Parks Commission. The Parks Commission, and especially Don, spearheaded the renovations of the Babe Ruth field and the smaller diamond at Town Field, and started a renovation of the two Cutler fields. Without their help the improvements to our fields would have taken two years instead of one. Thank you very much to Don and Dave.

Last, but not least, we thank Bushnell Construction for their plan to construct two new dugouts at Cow Pond 2 & 3, and for becoming a major sponsor of our program.

GYBL Major Sponsor Program

by posted 04/05/2007


About our Major Sponsorship Program
    Groton Youth Baseball is attempting to upgrade our playing fields this year.  We are working in conjunction with the Town of Groton Parks Department as well as hiring a private landscaper to improve our baseball diamonds.  
     While we have tried to keep program costs down, these improvements will cost more than our budget allows.  Therefore, we are seeking "Major Sponsors" for the baseball program.  A Major Sponsorship costs $1,000 and the individual or company name will be prominently displayed on the Groton Youth Baseball website Homepage.  Our website, which has been operational since January, has received over 4,000 hits since it went live and we expect many more as we utilize the site throughout the season.  If you are interested in becoming a "Major Sponsor",  please contact .

Opening Day Photos

by GYBL posted 04/02/2007

Click here to view Opening Day photos  !!

Groton is participating with Shirley, Ayer, Dunstable and Littleton in a summer baseball Ieague.  
It is designed to be low-key league with games only on weekdays and no practices. 
This is the perfect opportunity to extend the season and work on your game in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 

Registration Start
:  June 12
Registration End
:  June 22
Season Start:
  After July 4  (tba)
Season End:
  1st or 2nd week of August  (tba)



à  $75, both divisions

à  Need-based financial aid is available – please send questions to .

à  All payments are handled via the secure online credit card payment system.

à  If a player is new to GYBL, please send photocopy of birth certificate (required)  
 to: GYBL,  PO BOX 441,
Groton , MA 01450

à  NO REFUNDS (for withdrawals, etc.)


Babe Ruth
(Ages 13, 14, 15)    Contact:  Eileen Gromann,  summerbb@gybl.net
Cal Ripken Minors/Majors (Ages 9, 10, 11, 12)   Contact:   Bill Ferro/Dave Colantuoni,  summerbb@gybl.net.

à  Players who played SPRING Babe Ruth, sign up for SUMMER BR.
 SPRING CR Minors or CR Majors players sign up for SUMMER CR.
à  Spring D1 players who are 9 or 10 year olds (as of 5/1/2007) are invited to sign up for 
     Cal Ripken, and will be placed on a Summer CR Minors team.

As has been done in the past, teams will be built based on feedback from Spring coaches. 


§         If you can spare some time to help out this summer, please indicate this on the registration form. A few coaches are still needed.  Indicate your interest on the form (so it gets in the database), and then follow it up with an e-mail to .



Address & E-mail
Groton Youth Baseball League
P.O. Box 441
Groton, MA 01450-0492


Board Members
The GYBL is run by volunteers who give their time and  talent to
the program. For information on how you can help with the program,
contact anyone from the list below or email
, President
Bill Mitchell, Vice President 
John Barberich,  Treasurer
Open/'08,   Secretary
, Registrar


Division Coordinators
Eileen Gromann, Babe Ruth
, Cal Ripken
, Division 1
, Coach Pitch 
T.J. Rivet, T-Ball



 Initiative Chairs
David Bailey, Master Scheduler
Dave Colantuoni, Trophy and Awards Manager
Bill Ferro, Web Technology Manager
Howie Hunter, Umpire Coordinator
Jim McLean / Steve Goulding, Equipment Managers
Larry Prestia, Opening Day Committee Chair
Open/08, Web Content Manager/Editor
Gregg Yanchenko, Field Mgr/New Snack Shack Designer

GYBL  PR O J  E C T S   for  2007   


Dear Parents/Coaches/Players,
You may or may not have noticed the fees for the program rose slightly this year.  I discussed at the Fall general meeting why I felt this was necessary, but let me quickly outline for those who could not attend.
In addition to our operating costs that occur every year we would like to make some major improvements to our program.  Some of these I believe are immediate while others are not. 
My biggest area of concern is our playing fields.  Our current method of using parent volunteers to ready our fields for play has not been working.  Those of you that travel to other towns and have had the opportunity to play on their fields know what I mean.  We need to augment the work we do with professional help.  This fall I spoke to a landscaping company to receive an estimate on an ongoing care program for 5 of our fields.  This includes elevating the infield dirt to have the water drain properly, edging all the grass areas, slightly elevating some dugout areas to drain properly, and a general maintenance program through the season.  Currently Gregg Yanchenko is working with another landscaper to get more ideas.  However, this need is imminent, is a priority for us, and will be done this spring prior to the season starting.  We do not have the revenue available to do all fields but will work in that direction
Those of you that attended last year's Opening Day celebration saw what a great time all the kids had.  This is something that we will continue and want to improve upon.  A large part of the excitement was the kids having their names announced over a PA system.  Bill Mitchell and Gregg Yanchenko will work on plans for a new Snack Shack/Announcers Booth located in the area of Cow Pond 2.  We have a substantial amount of construction block donated, and will develop plans for the building, work with the town regarding its feasibility, and solicit quotes from contractors.
Closely related to this is the possibility of GYBL hosting some baseball tournaments.  Those of you that have had the opportunity to play in some of these know the excitement level involved, the competition of the play, and how the kids thrive at these events.  They are a great time for everyone involved.  Currently the Fall season is wide open if we want to do this. It would generate some great revenue for the program, as well as significant exposure of our program to towns we don't normally get a chance to play.  The rules for having one of these events need to be reviewed.  We have always been told that to have a sanctioned tournament through Cal Ripken we need to have our entire playing area fenced in.  So all three fields at Cow Pond would have to be equipped with one huge perimeter fence.  This is a substantial cost and may require additional fundraising.  Therefore, we need to start working on it now if it is to get done while you kids are still in the program. 
As you can see our improvement costs are usually big ticket items, but they will greatly enhance the experience your child has in the program.  If there is something of particular interest to you and you would like to take it on, please let me know. 
Thank you for your continued support.
President, Groton Youth Baseball

Q: How are All Star teams selected?
A: At the beginning of the season, the GYBL Board of Directors selects a head coach for each of the age groups which will field an All Star team.  Currently, there are individual teams for ages 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.  During the season, this coach evaluates players directly and indirectly by conferring with other coaches.  Near the end of the season, each coach is asked to provide two or three players that may be suitable for their age's All Star team.  The head coach then assembles the team together based upon the pitching, hitting and fielding skills.  If there are more players than roster spots, a coach may elect to have a tryout to further evaluate the players.  Typically, 11 or 12 players are selected for the final All Star team.  The total count is the decision of the head coach.

GRANITE ELECTRIC LIGHT CONTEST - Removed from Reg Forms befrore 2009 reg
HELP US WIN LIGHTS FOR COW POND!! Please consider voting in this year's Granite City Electric's Field of Dreams IV Contest (to be announced). Last year we fell short by just a few votes. Whitman, MA won and received a fully installed outdoor lighting package, worth approximately $100,000. May we add your e-mail address(es) to the contest? If so, you will receive an e-mail from Granite City in a few months, which asks for a simple reply in order to confirm your vote. The more votes we get, the more chances we have to win. If you have multiple e-mail addresses or e-mails of friends and family members that can be included, please type them in as well. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


To all GYBL Families;
With Opening Day behind us and the 2009 season well under way GYBL is shifting
its focus to the 2009 Tournament team selection process. This year GYBL will
support 4 tournament teams. The teams and the head coaches are listed below:
  • u9     Paul Gingras     
  • u10   Mike Werner
  • u11   Bill Mitchell
  • u12   Dave Colantuoni
Each of these teams will enter the Cal Ripken district tournament with the goal
of advancing to the state tournament for each age category. If you and your
child are interested in pursuing a roster spot for one of the above mentioned
teams please read the following information carefully. Registration for any
tournament team must be received by Wednesday, May 27th 2009.
Age Determination
You must register your player in the proper age category. Your players baseball
age is the age he/she is ON May 1st, 2009. Example: If Johnny turned 10 on April
12th 2009 he would register for the 10U team.
Selection Process
Three points of data will be used to select the roster for each age level:
  • Tournament Evaluation
  • Spring evaluation
  • Regular season coaches input
Each player who registers to be considered for a tournament team will need to be
evaluated. Players who cannot make the evaluation will still be considered for
the team based on their spring evaluation and their coaches input. However, it
is strongly recommended that players make every effort to attend the
evaluation. The following dates/times have been selected for each evaluation:
  •  u9    5/30/09   9:00 - 11:00am        CP2
  • u10   5/30/09   9:00 - 11:00am        CP1
  • u11   5/31/09   5:00 - 7:00pm          CP1
  • u12   5/31/09   postponed to time tbd-coach will contact
Note: Evaluations will be held at Cow Pond fields. All regular season practices and games were considered when determining the dates and times of the evaluations.
Once the evaluations are complete the tournament committee will review the
collected data for each player and will select a 12 player roster. The tournament committee will announce the teams and post the names on www.gybl.net by 6/01/09.
If you would like to register your player to be considered for a tournament team
please send the following information to:
  • Player's name
  • Date of Birth
  • Age as of May 1st 2009
  • Current team, division and head coach
This information must be received by Wednesday May 27th, 2009. If you cannot
attend the evaluations and want to be considered for a team please include this
information in your e-mail.
A fee of $40 will be required to play on these teams - this cost includes fees associated with participating in the local/state tournaments as well as the cost for hats. Uniforms will be supplied by GYBL. The cost will only be applied if a player makes a team (payment is not needed for registration).
Tournament Team Information / Dates
Tournament teams may begin practice the 2nd week of June and will potentially
play until mid-end of July. The games are very competitive, follow strict rules
with regards to substitutions and require a complete commitment from both
players and parents. Tournament teams play to win. Because tournament teams are
a collection of skilled players it is entirely possible that your son and/or
daughter may not play his/her regular position and may be asked to play other
positions on the team. Playing time may not necessarily be equal. If you and/or
your player are not comfortable with this situation we ask that you do not
participate on a tournament team. Coaches are board selected and are required to
complete the Cal Ripken Coach Certification. Below is a list of tournament dates
by age category. These are required playing dates. If you and your player are
unavailable for any of the dates listed below we ask that you do not register
your player.  
  •  u9
    • District:                   Start 7/10/09   Shirley, MA
    • Western MA states: Start 7/24/09   Milford, MA
    • N.E. Regionals:        TBD       
  • u10
    • District:                    Start 6/27/09   Groton, MA
    • Western MA States   Start 7/10/09   Turner Falls, MA
    • N.E. Regionals:         TBD
    • World Series:            TBD
  • u11
    • District:                    Start 6/27/09   Dunstable, Ma
    • Western MA States   Start 7/24/09   Hudson, MA
    •  N.E. Regionals:        TBD
  • u12
    • District:                      Start ?         TBD
    • Western MA States    Start 7/17/09   Williamstown, MA
    •  N.E. Regionals:         TBD
    • World Series              TBD

Note: The above dates are start dates. Each tournament could run as long as one week.

In 2008, GYBL took pride in the fact that 2 of our 4 tournament teams advanced
to the state level competition, with the u12 team finishing 2nd in the
state. Our goal for 2009 is to continue our advancement to the state level
competition and to provide a challenging and rewarding experience for our
players. This information, along with some addition detail will be posted on our
website. Please use: for any questions/concerns you may

have. Thanks in advance for your continued support of GYBL.


à  If you can spare some time to help out this summer, please send e-mail to .