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Tonka Softball's Volunteering Information




Like other youth sports, MGSA requires that each player-family volunteer to support our program.  We provide a variety of ways to volunteer, shown below, and some choices are based upon the league you are registering for.  All volunteer opportunities can be found under the volunteer section of the website.

You may also choose the Buyout for $150. This must be added to your registration fee.  Buyouts must be received prior to the start of the season.

Volunteer shift requirements differ based upon the player's league. You are responsible for making sure you fulfill your volunteer commitment!  Anyone who does not sign up for a duty will be notified and will forfeit your deposit. 
Fastpitch: 6UFP, 8UFP, 10UFP, 12UFP 
Fastpitch Requirement: Two Shifts Per Player (This does not pertain to Fall Ball 2022)
Fastpitch Exemptions: One head coach per team is exempt from all volunteering, two assistants and one team manager are required only ONE shift per player.
Slowpitch: TB, MP, 10USP, 13USP, HSSP 
Slowpitch Requirement: One Shift per Player 

Slowpitch Exemptions: One Head Coach, Two Assistants, and One Team Manager per team.


Volunteer Needs Include:

Mulch Madness Delivery

Bennett Family Park Concessions (reserved for TBall parents)

Legacy Concessions

Picture Day & Opening Ceremony

8U FP tournament (reserved for all 8U FP Families)

Fastpitch Tournaments (Qualifiers and State, TBD)

Slowpitch Firecracker Tournament (reserved for 10U/13U/HSSP Families)


NEW FOR 2022!

Volunteer deposits are to be paid to Tonka Softball's Volunteer PayPal account.  Please transfer $200 to @TonkaSoftball.
Please note your daughter's first name, last name, and league in which she is playing.  Please select FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

When your volunteer duty is performed, Tonka Softball will refund your $200 (through PayPal).  If by the end of the season your volunteer requirement has yet to be fulfilled, Tonka Softball will transfer the deposit to our bank account.

Your daughter will not be allowed to tryout and/or be placed on a team until the $150 buyout (a selection through registration) or the $200 PayPal transfer has been paid.

If you are not able to complete your ASSIGNED duty, please allow our Volunteer Coordinator a 72 hour notice to find a replacement.  If your originally scheduled volunteer duty was cancelled due to rain or game cancelation, you are required to sign up for another duty.  Most games for teams 10U and older are rescheduled (both slowpitch and fastpitch).    

Please contact volunteers@tonkasoftball.org if you have a special need as it relates to fulfilling your volunteer obligation.

No-shows will not be given another opportunity and the volunteer deposit will not be refunded.

We do not accept checks for volunteer deposits.  PayPal only.  If your family has more than one child in the program please pay $200 for the first child, and then $100 for any additional children. Each player needs their own deposit. For example, if you have two players, one player will be $200 and then subsequent player is $100. Please do not deposit the entire $300 together.

Volunteering opportunities will be posted on the website throughout the season.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the volunteer coordinator!