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Parent Education Resources

'Relax, It's Just A Game'

Recognizing that aggressive adult behavior is on the rise at young sporting events, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada have partnered to launch a series of public service announcements targeting parental behavior. Lampooning the overzealous, the TV, radio and print PSAs are clever, witty and designed to encourage parents to think to themselves, Relax, Its Just A Game."

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PSAsIntro video | 'Hide and Seek' | 'Pin the Tail' | 'Potato Sack'

The Pressure To Perform

When the emphasis on winning gets out of control and overzealous parents become aggressors in a quest to achieve perfection, young children are often inappropriately pressured to perform. In fact, across North America, cases of aggressive parental behavior during youth sporting events, including youth hockey games, are reported


Now H.E.A.R. this

Adults who have their children in the sport of ice hockey want the ability to make decisions based on facts. Currently, there is information available on every facet of hockey. Accessing that information and understanding the content is a continuing problem. This course is intended to consolidate existing information in a format that is educational, understandable, and self-evaluating.



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