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Team Binder Requirements:

Team Roster - From NMAHA Registrar

Out of State Travel Authorization - From NMAHA Registrar

Consent to Treat & Medical History Form (Each Player)

Participant Code of Conduct (Each Player)

Waiver of Liability Form (Each Player)

The files linked above must be filled out and provided to the manager from the parents of each player.  Although these forms are part of the registration package, it is the manager's responsibility to have a complete Team Binder.

Birth Certificates are no longer collected for each player.

Other Information to have in the Team Binder

  • Coaches' Certification Levels, Dates and CEP Numbers
  • Contact information for every player
  • Game and Practice Schedules
  • Extra Blank Forms/ Paper / Pens
  • Extra Blank Game Scoresheets
  • Blank Injury Report & Accident Report Forms
  • Blank Incident Report Forms
  • Spreadsheet of Fees Collected for Tournaments and Special Events
  • Cheat Sheet of Player Names and Numbers for Games
  • Scoresheet Roster Stickers
    • Includes Jersey Number and Player Name
    • Includes Manager Name
    • Includes Coaches' Names CEP Level, CEP Number and Date

(Borrowed from LAHA website).