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Stevens Point Area Youth Hockey Association is committed to serving the needs of youth hockey in Central Wisconsin.  For 35+ years, SPAYHA has provided gender friendly youth hockey programs that emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, family and community.



 SPAYHA will promote hockey to all skill levels of players, advance the careers of players to high school, college, and beyond, and encourage a lifelong love and dedication to the game through volunteering, coaching, refereeing, and playing by:


  • Enriching the lives of all youth interested in the sport of hockey, including and regardless of their financial status and ability,
  • Educating and fostering the fundamentals and development of good hockey skills to become proficient and effective players.
  • Demonstrating proper hockey skills and techniques to become valuable team members.
  • Encouraging participants to work at fostering better skills each time they are on the ice.
  • Insisting upon respect for each and every player and never intentionally cause bodily or emotional harm to any person or player.
  • Teaching players respect for the concepts of: sportsmanship, fair play, to take winning and defeat graciously, to abide by referees’ decisions, and to love the game, and by,
  • Directing an organization of players and parents in the rules of good spectator sportsmanship and the general love of the game.
Finally, the SPAYHA believes that ALL players and parents are an equal and important part to the success of OUR organization and that our goal is for everyone to have FUN!  Hockey is just a game, thus winning is only a consideration and not our guiding principle.  Because it is our goal to maintain a proper balance between family and the game of hockey, limited travel hockey is also provided if enough players are interested at certain age levels.