OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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2002 Board of Directors


Tim Brkovic – President

Greg Galgan – 1st Vice President

Jim Knawa – 2nd Vice President

Gary Niehaus – Treasurer

Ray Lipke – Secretary



2002 Letter from the President


As another year has come to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who has worked to make 2002 another fine year for O.Y.A. Boys Program.  There are many people who volunteered their time to make everything we do happen.  Nothing can ever happen without all the moms and dads giving their time for the kids.


Some things have changed since our last newletter went out.  In addition to Spring/Summer baseball, Colt and Palomino baseball (high school), fall baseball, and basketball, the O.Y.A. boys program now includes boys volleyball (5th grade though high school).  The O.Y.A. boys organization continues to strive to provide the boys of Orland Park with quality recreational sports, to become part of, until they finish high school.  The addition of volleyball to our other programs now provides an opportunity for the kids to experience this popular and growing sport at an early age.


As a board, we try to make decisions that will benefit the majority of the kids.  Some of the time we are right, and some of the time we are not, but the goal is always to do things that we feel are right for the boys and the organization.  Usually these decisions are based on past experiences that guide us in the right direction.


In October, we had a special membership meeting held jointly with the O.Y.A. girls organization. The purpose of the meeting was to announce and vote on the formal separation of the boys and girls organizations.  This proposition and ultimate decision was made for legal reasons more than anything else.  Since 1962, O.Y.A. has been registered with the State of Illinois and the IRS as one organization.  Over the years, both programs have grown and evolved to the point where they were running themselves.  The vote at the meeting was unanimous by all 28 people present and became official November 2001.  This vote will better enable both organizations to govern themselves.  On the outside, nothing will change.  Both organizations will continue to serve the youth of Orland Park, but now decisions made by one will not affect the other.


Lastly, the events of September 11th have touched us all in a way that we never could have imagined.  We should all be thankful for what we have in our families, friends, and community, and in what we have to offer our kids.  Everything you read in this newsletter is trivial compared to what happened that day, but everything we can do for our children and to help our community will make this a better place for everyone.  Please volunteer and help make a difference!  


Thank You!!!!....Tim Brkovic


--Tim Brkovic, President, Board of Directors, Orland Youth Association



2002 Baseball Commissioners


Shetland – Mark Lehman

Pinto – Mike Malaychuk / Brad Popovich

Mustang – Rey Guajardo / Paul McGovern

Bronco – John Carney / John Barkowski

Pony – Ken Wilkas / Bob Zaremba


2002-2003 Basketball Commissioners


Jun/Sen – James Amedeo

Frosh/Soph – Mike Conrad

8th Grade – Dan Flynn

7th Grade – John Barkowski

6th Grade – Greg Galgan

5th Grade – John Carney

4th Grade – Mike Malaychuk

3rd Grade – Brad Popovich


High School 3-Point Commissioner: Mel Mocco

Champions: Brian Mocco, T.K. Niemiera, and Wally Mansour.