General's Highway Athletic Association of Annapolis, Rolling Knolls and Crownsville exists to instill leadership and promote the concept of teamwork among our children while ensuring all players gain confidence, build skills, play equally and have fun.

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About Using Forums

A new feature that is available are forums.  Forums are for questions and answers but done in a group way under a topic - which typically is a posed question.  Although we are not sure where this will lead we do know the more information that is made available to you, our community members, the better we all are.  To use the forum feature you must be a registered user of our site.

As a general security measure all forum messages will be screened by a moderator to make sure they are appropriate in a community service like ours.  However, we do want our organization to be an open one so other than profane, off-topic or rude postings we will try to avoid censoring any message.