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Sharp and Strong - I know you have heard this before when you practice your motions, but how exactly do you get that super sharp look your Coach wants you to get? All it means is that the muscles in your arms should be tight and stiff. The transitions of your motions should be smooth. Don't be loosey goosey!

Never bend your wrists when in fists - Be sure you keep your wrists straight in line with your arms so you can keep the visual strong and smooth

Elbows - Always lock your elbow if your arm is extended! No excuses!

Arm placement - Make sure you understand where each placement is in each motion. Your arms should be a little in front of you so you can see them. Remember, don't bounce - be smooth.

Shoulders - Make sure your shoulders are down - don't shrug them.

Fists - Always keep your thumbs outside your fists. Know where your thumbs should be placed in each motion. For example, in a Low-V, your thumbs should face the audience. In a Punch, your thumbs should face in towards you.

Transitions - Smooth, smooth, smooth. Try not to have choppy transitions. Make sure you hit each motion at the last second.

Synchronize your motions - Your motions should correspond with the syllables of the words in your cheer/chant, or the count of your dance routines and stunts.

The clap or clasp motion - A simple clap and clasp may seem like it has no rules, but it does. Always make sure each clap or clasp is right under your chin, and make sure your elbows are in towards your body.

Marvelous Motion Exercises

Push-ups and simple ankle weights on your wrists can certainly make your arms stronger!

Try holding your arms out in a "T" motion for 3 minute increments. Repeat as many times as you can.

Watch yourself do each motion in a mirror, or video record yourself, so you can critique each motion and transition.

Squeeze a stressball to help with your fists. You can fill a balloon with sand to make your own. You can even personalize the balloon to match your team colors and squad!

Try using resistance bands to help strengthen the muscles in your arms. Hey - you can even use them for your legs!