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Player Payment Policy

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Player payments must be made if players are to be allowed participation

Participation in youth hockey is relatively expensive.  The Irondale Youth Hockey Assocation strives to keep participant costs low through a variety of fundraising activities and the near exclusive use of volunteers to perform association activities.  The Willard Fund is available to assist players and their families in a portion of the cost on a reimbursement basis if they are able to demonstrate need.  Nevertheless the costs of participation must be paid.

Each team has a volunteer treasuer whose assignment includes collecting funds on a monthly basis from players, typically their parents or guardians.  The association also has a volunteer treasurer who is responsible for collecting funds from the teams and paying association bills.

The team treasurers will set a due date for player payments.  If payment from any player is late the treasurer will contact the responsible party, typically a parent or guardian, for payment.  If the team treasurer is unable to collect within two weeks of the due date, the team treasurer will contact the assocation treasurer with a description of the situation.  The association treasurer will then initiate contact with the responsible party.  The association treasurer will explain the association policy for player payments and attempt to collect payment.  The association treasurer will also try to learn about the financial situation of the participant.

If the assocation treasurer is unable to collect within one month of the due date, the treasurer and the rest of the IYHA Board Executive Committee will evaluate the situation, decide if other financial aid can be applied and decide if the player is allowed to continue participation.

If the player's payments are brought up to date, the IYHA Board Executive Committee may allow continued participation.