OYA Boys organization of Orland Park, Illinois, provides quality leagues for baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

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Orland Park, Illinois
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1999 Board of Directors
John Raiche – President
Larry Kazmierski – 1st Vice President
Rick Marneris – 2nd Vice President
Mike Boyle – Treasurer
Ed Dronzek – Secretary
1999 Letter from the President
It has been a very interesting and challenging four years with the Orland Youth Association. We have seen a surge in the popularity of basketball, and a fall but then resurgence in baseball. During this time, we have made many improvements and expansions to our program. Among these are:
>         The institution of a Shetland League
>         The expansion and splitting of High School into separate Colt and Palomino Leagues
>         The use of neighborhood fields for Shetland and Pinto
>         The renovation of Schussler, Humphrey, and Centennial Parks, High Point and Jerling fields, as well as two new Mustang fields to be available at Centennial Park in 2000
>         The expansion of Fall Baseball
>         The Orland Recreational All Star Tournament
>         The Picnic / All Star Day
>         The World Series Night
>         The right-sizing and improvement of Metro traveling baseball
>         The institution of single grade Leagues
>         The expansion and separation of the high school league into two groups
        The introduction of AAU (traveling) basketball teams
All of these changes happened because of the involvement of many members doing a lot of hard work to try and improve things. However, there is more to be done, and much to maintain if we are to continue to provide the excellent opportunities that the community needs.
To all of you who have helped in the past – thank you. To all of you who are just starting with the program – Get involved! You’ll be glad you did.
--John Raiche, President, Board of Directors, Orland Youth Association
1999 Baseball Commissioners
Shetland – Ray Lipke
Pinto – Jerry Florence / Jim Knawa
Mustang – Bob Zaremba / Tim Brkovic
Bronco – Bob Tooth / Paul Galvin
Pony – Ken Wilkas / Shane Boyle
Colt – Tim Brkovic
Palomino – Derrell Sanders
1999 Basketball Commissioners
Jun/Sen – Paul Aubin / Rich Sterczek
Frosh/Soph – Jim Jeziorny
8th Grade – Mike Boyle
7th Grade – Gary Niehaus
6th Grade – Ken Silvestri
5th Grade – Bob Tooth
4th Grade – Ray Lipke
3rd Grade – Tim Brkovic