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Little League’s second season gives leagues a great opportunity to lengthen their season and provide additional training and development opportunities to players of all ages. A second season program may be operated any time after the conclusion of the regular season and continue into early winter. Leagues may choose to run several additional programs: summer ball, fall ball, etc.

Running since 1996, the Sharon Fall Baseball League is a SYBSA-organized program in which players from over ten local towns play each other at Sharon's Deborah Samson fields. In 2011 the league plays from late August through early October, each Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. If a week is rained out, we have one date for make ups.

For NON Sharon Teams:  
There are two divisions: Grades 4-5 and Grades 6-7. This league is organized by school grade, not by age. Absolutely no All-Star or AAU teams will be allowed. All towns will play 2 games per Saturday, for a total of 12 games. All games will have 2 umpires, with umps and baseballs provided by SYBSA. Registration is $40 per Sharon player and $500 per visiting (non-Sharon) team. The deadline for registration is Aug 10 for visiting teams and for Sharon players.  Follow this link to register - Click here.

Any town that participated last year will be notified by the Fall Baseball League Coordinator in July to confirm their town's participation. Any town that is interested in joining this league, please notify Sam Reef   and/or Larry Carter ( ). The program does fill up each year. Priority is given to returning towns registering on time.
Registrations for Fall Baseball are now open on www.SYBSA.org.  If you are interested, please sign up as soon as possible as activities will be starting towards the end of August. 
Sharon Fall Baseball will have divisions for  4th/ 5th graders (playing on the same teams)  and a 6th/7th Grade division.  Historically, there have been 2 Sharon Teams in each division.  In each division, Sharon plays other towns every Saturday beginning late August for 7 Saturdays with one makeup date allowed.    This year we are calling these divisions the Sharon Eagle Division.  Over the last 2 years we have also had a program for players with developing skill sets with the intent to improving ability while keeping active in baseball.  This year we are enhancing the program which we will call the Sharon Gold Division.  The enhancement will be that we are making efforts to include other towns so these Gold teams will also play travel baseball.  The Gold Teams will have a 1 hr practice coached by  a professional 3rdparty which we are in the process of finalizing.  After the 1 hr practice the intent is to then play a travel game against other towns.  The Gold team will also run a 7 week schedule with one makeup date allotted.  If in the event we do not secure participation for the Gold Division from other towns the Sharon Gold teams will play each other as they have in the past.
Please also be aware that we WILL NOT be conducting evaluations for Fall Baseball.  The reason for this is that all players have recently been evaluated for spring baseball, many for summer ball and most have played fall and/ or summer.  Our coaches, coordinators and BOD are familiar with the ability level of the players.  With many players away at camp or on vacation towards the end of August, the Travel Committee and SYBSA BOD  feels that we can assign players appropriately.  We will use spring and summer evaluation data as well as feedback from the coaches and coordinators to construct the rosters.
If you want your player to be included in Fall Baseball, it is required that you register no later than August 7th to be included.  Registration will be utilized as our list to make teams from.  After 8/7 there is no guarantee of a roster spot.    Registration fee is $65 per player.  Players may use their gold travel hat and travel shirt f they have one.  If the player is in need of a shirt or hat we will provide these at additional cost of:
  • Shirt & Hat      $   45
  • Shirt only        $   35
  • Hat only           $  10
It is our sincere goal to place every player who wishes to play Fall Ball on a roster. 
For questions please contact our fall baseball coordinators:
Sam Reef: 
Larry Carter:


Registration and Fees for Participating Towns (except Sharon):

Non-Sharon Team: $550

Registration deadline: August 10, 2010

Email Sam Reef ( ) to confirm your registration.  Make checks payable to SYBSA. Mail in registration check and contact information to: SYBSA, P.O. Box 181, Sharon, MA 02067


Rainouts: All towns will be notified by e-mail prior to 7:00am on the day of the scheduled game. We will try to announce rainouts on this website as well, but official word will come from e-mail notification. October 15 is being held for make-up games due to a Rainout.  Additional rainouts will not be made up. 

Little League rules apply except for the following: 

1) All pitchers have a 4 inning limit per day.

2) All players must play 6 outs and have at least one at-bat per game.

3) Continuous batting order.

4) After 4 innings (or 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead), a 12-run mercy rule is in effect. The official game is ended and the scoreboard is turned off.  Teams may choose to continue play until the end of their alloted time.

5) No slashing (faking a bunt, then taking a full swing). Batter will be out— dead ball.

6) No curve balls.

7) Players must slide or avoid contact.

8) There is a 1hr 55 min maximum playing time per game. All games will start promptly at the scheduled time (8:00, 10:00, 12noon, 2:00, 4:00). All games should end 10 minutes before the next time slot. A batter shall be allowed to finish his at bat if he has been pitched to when the finish time has been reached. However, the game will end at 5 min before the hour without regard to the game situation.  This rule is in effect regardless of the half inning or score.

9) Younger division plays 4 outfielders. Players can steal 2nd and 3rd base, but may not steal home.

10) Older division plays 3 outfielders. There is unlimited stealing.

11) Maximum 5 runs per inning. When batting team reaches the 5-run limit the inning is over. This rule does not apply to the final inning of the game.