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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Have any more? Please .


My kid has never picked up a bat. Should I be worried? Will they get hurt? Will he have fun?

Baseball is fun. Softball is fun! F-U-N. Every level of the two sports has a "rec" team where everyone plays and everyone learns how to play better. Kids may begin at the T-ball level, where they'll learn the most basic stuff in the game, from how to hold a bat to which direction to run (to the right). They may dive right into the sport at the 3rd or 4th grade level having never before swung at a ball in a competitive game. No problem. She'll play, he'll learn the game, and everyone will have fun, get some fresh air and make new friends.


What kind of clothes and equipment do I need to buy?

Well, you need a glove. SYBSA provides just about all the equipment you'll need to play the game, including helmets, bats, balls, bases, uniform shirts and caps.

Besides a glove, you may want to get a pair of cleats (rubber only), but sneakers are fine in the early grades. Girls wear shorts or baseball pants, belt and softball socks (check with your coach for the color). Boys wear baseball pants, baseball socks and sliding shorts under the pants. These prevent nasty burns when sliding and embarassment the rest of the time. Some kids like to wear batting gloves.  

A good idea is to pick up a Baseball bag from your local sporting goods store, this way you can keep track of everything in one place! Don’t forget to pack a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses and a pair of replacement laces. Also, don't forget to try and label everything!

There are some useful links about gloves and bats in the Baseball Links page

What's the difference between Sharon Rec Leagues and Travel?

Rec is short for recreation.  Anyone who wants to play baseball or softball can play in a Sharon Rec League. Tryouts determine the rosters for travel teams (who "travel" to other towns in the region and play home games in Sharon). Simply put, every child in Sharon may play rec ball. You have to try out to make a travel team, which is more competative.

Can my child use a wooden bat?

Baseball bats used in Little league must be 32" or less and have barrels no more than 2 1/4" in diameter. They must be made of an approved material, including aluminum, alloy and wood. One site (baseballcorner.com) recommends against wood bats for kids because they are "heavier and less durable.

Do I need to stick around for practice or games?

Well, first of all, why wouldn't you? Your kids are running around, trying hard, having fun. It's great to watch and they love your support. But, we're all busy, so here's the rule:

If your child is in kindergarten (T-ball), a parent must be at every practice and game. For 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, a parent or responsible adult should be at every practice and game. If it rains, or your child gets hurt, a parent should be present to care for him.

Hey, it's fun to see your kids. It's a fun game to watch. It's quiet time. Just show up, or even better.. Volunteer and get on the field with them! :)

The coach yells at my kid. What can I do about it?

Coaches are parents. Coaches are people, too. Sometimes they do yell, but that's not always a bad thing. But, if the coach goes too far, reach out after practice and talk to him or her outsdie of the ball field. Explain your concerns and tell him how your kid feels. Treat the coach like a teacher. Don't be afraid to stand up for your kid. That's your job. But respect the coach and the difficult job he's got caring for and teaching your kid. That's his job. If you're not satisfied with the conversation, talk with the league coordinator.

What is slashing?

Slashing is pretending to bunt, then swinging the bat once the pitcher delivers the ball. It's dangerous to the pitcher and infielders who usually charge the plate when the batter squares to bunt. It's illegal. Don't do it.

Where's a good place to go for extra batting practice or personal lessons?
The batting cages are available to parents and kids when not being used by the teams. Bring your own bats and balls, and kids must wear a helmet. There are cages at all the town fields. There are some excellent facilities near Sharon to take your swings for a price. Several offer lessons or sponsor camps.

JM Sports Academy, 1245 General Edwards Hwy., Sharon, MA
RBI Academy, Foxboro, MA
Funway USA, Foxboro, MA
Golf Country Mini Golf and Ice Cream, South Easton, MA
Great Woods Mini Golf and Batting Cages, Norton, MA
Strike Zone, Plainville, MA
Frozen Ropes Training Center, Franklin, MA
Planet Baseball, Attleboro, MA