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Team Check-in Procedures:
Deadline is 4pm Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

What we will need for advance team check-in:
1) A State approved, stamped copy of your team roster (must be stamped with a state approval)

2) Out-of-state travel permit for teams coming from outside of Kentucky; No form is needed for KY teams.

3)  Guest players: Any team can have up to 3 guest players on the tournament roster.  Any player that is a guest player and not on the official stamped copy of the roster that is submitted must be included on a guest player form.  This form and a copy of the STATE APPROVED player card for the guest player must be faxed or emailed.

4)  All teams will need to have medical release forms and players cards and the original state approved roster with them at EACH GAME during the tournament.  AGAIN, PLAYER CARDS WILL BE REQUIRED at each game, but you do not have to fax/email them in advance.

5)  No guest players can be added after 4:00pm on Tuesday, May 3rd, without the approval of the tournament committee.
You can either:
Fax the info required to SKY Soccer @ (270) 781-5334.


Scan the info needed and email to : .

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (270)846-1010 or .

May 7-8 2016

Sanctioning Form

Application and information - Coming Soon

Hotel Information - Coming Soon