General's Highway Athletic Association of Annapolis, Rolling Knolls and Crownsville exists to instill leadership and promote the concept of teamwork among our children while ensuring all players gain confidence, build skills, play equally and have fun.

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The game of Girls Lacrosse as played in AA County, even in Clinic play, requires the player to have an approved stick, certified goggles and uniform. For the GHAA Clinic Lacrosse program the uniform is included in the registration fee.  Players must provide their own stick and goggles.

Above is a picture of the net end of a GIRLS stick. Note how the net is constructed as this is quite different from a BOYS stick. A stick is typically about three feet long and will probably need to be cut to size using a hacksaw. One of our coaches can do this for you or we can explain to you how to do it yourself. Sticks are available at LAX World and Modells as well as other places. A good beginner stick should cost around $40.00.

Above is a picture of the Brine Concept goggles. Other types of goggles are available including a type that uses protective lenses. We recommend the open goggles as above because they do not get obscured during the game. Also most glasses can fit under most of the open frame goggles. The Brine unit above can accommodate most glasses.


The only other piece of equipment required is a mouthguard. We supply mouthguards that will work for all players except for some of those who are wearing braces. That type of mouthguard is available from Modells and probably other places.


Optional equipment which a player may find useful is cleats.