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Manager NEWS
Thank you for volunteering!
Here you will find up-to-the minute advice, suggestions and action items. Please check this section often and take particular note when the New Content is flashing next to the menu page.
  • Each manager will receive an e-mail with the manager password.  This will give you access to the team area (select TEAM, and then your team).  Once you are on the team page, select ADMIN on the top right, enter your password, and you will be able to see the complete roster with all contact information.  PLEASE READ THE MANAGER SITE MANUAL and begin to familiarize yourselves with how things work.  Feel free to play around, post bulletins, e-mail the team, etc.  WE WILL HOLD A TRAINING SESSION to answer questions during the first week of September.  Date TBD shortly.
      • Select TEAMS at top
      • Select your DIVISION, Then TEAM
      • Once on your TEAM page, select ADMIN at top right of screen
      • Enter your name and the Manager Password you will have received by E-mail
      • Read and Review the Site/Team Manager's Manual
      • HAVE FUN!
  • You will shortly hear from your age group league director who will hold a league meeting or contact you via email.  At the meeting or in the email, you will get your schedule of games to be played. As soon as you get this schedule, you will enter your home games on the SWD site and our scheduler, Mary Jane Liu, will provide you with a game time and field.  This will go directly onto your team schedule on your WSA team page.
  • You and your Teams should plan on a two day Columbus Day tournament and an 8 or 9 game schedule, beginning on 9/8.
  • Please note the practice schedules for times/days. We start practices BEFORE labor day!
  • Make Contact with your coach to introduce yourself. You should begin to identify dates for your first team parent meeting.  Ideally you want to schedule this during the first full week of practice and you should avoid doing it on the field.
  • You will be contacted shortly by Larry Berman, our equipment director, for instructions on distribution of medical kits, flags, game balls, etc.