The Moorpark Musketeers Youth Football Program has been around since 1989 and continues to be the best place for kids to learn how to play football and transition to the next level of play at Moorpark High School.

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We are committed to creating a positive environment where players can have fun, make new friends and develop a love of sport.  We further commit to coach all of our players and work with each of them to achieve their personal potential.  We will do this by building on individual successes and by treating mistakes as learning opportunities. 
We are committed to teaching football and cheer, developing each of our athletes and providing them with a quality experience.  To do this we will provide a safe environment for young athletes to learn the key skills necessary to succeed on the football field and, ultimately, we will seek to prepare them to play high school football.  We believe that this mandate includes not only developing specific athletic skills but also developing a player’s character including leadership skills, self-discipline and confidence. 
We are committed to teaching proper technique and safety.  We will provide our players and coaches with the teaching tools and equipment necessary to ensure that each player learns the fundamental skills necessary to play football safely.
We believe that mutual trust and respect are critical to any organization and require that all of our players, coaches and parents demonstrate these values on and off the field.  Through our example we will seek to teach our players to respect themselves, their team, their coach, their parents and their family. 
Finally, we are committed to improving our organization.  We will monitor, measure and constantly seek to improve the performance of our board, our coaches, our teams and players.  We will do this with honesty, humility and respect for all involved.  














Our program is committed to our players and their families based upon the following five pillars:

Nothing is more important than safety in our program. All our coaches are trained in the newest safe tackling techniques taught at the highest level of college and professional football. Mandatory safe tackling and injury prevention skills are to be followed by all coaches during practice sessions with all athletes. Mandatory concussion symptom recognition and first aid classes are
completed by all Head Coaches. Hydration awareness and standardized plyometric warm-up routines are followed throughout the program. Positive Coaching Alliance principles are part of our values and a requirement for all coaches to introduce to each team. Background checks and photo identification is required for 100% of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches, with no exception. All helmets issued to our players are of good quality, tested, reconditioned and sanitized each season prior to distribution.

Program quality is a major element of focus and research for our Board of Directors. We strive to provide a special experience to every family that joins our program, from the seamless registration system to the real-time communication features available to our coaches through our web site, to the standard of our training and quality of our jerseys. Our highest priority
remains teaching the game of football at the highest level, engaging NFL-quality coaching and adopting formations, language and techniques that prepare our athletes to grow in the sport and perform up to their full  potential. We deploy a parent feedback system that is monitored closely and adopted a Head Coach evaluation system inclusive of year-end exit interviews typical of professional sports programs. Program Quality is essential to the success of Musketeers
Football. It has been said that it may challenging and subjective to articulate quality in words, but we all know how it feels when we  experience it.  We want each family to experience a sense of quality throughout their exposure to the Musketeers.

Our vision is to align our organization with Moorpark High School (MHS)and adopt the key elements of their football program, preparing our athletes to play and compete at the next level. As a true feeder program for MHS, we maintain relations with coaching staff, follow high school conditioning and skill development techniques, introduce loyalty programs such as Friday-night-games invitations, and plan to play all our games at MHS this season. Simply put, if you play with the Youth Musketeers, you will have a preparation advantage when you join the High School Musketeers.

We are a family-centered organization that wants to offer a life-changing experience to our young athletes, going far beyond football. The special environment of the Musketeers is felt year-around, in season and in off-season, with athletes forming a special bond, not only on the field, but at school and throughout the community. Our athletes learn the values of discipline,
toughness, respect, commitment, confidence, and carry them in their daily lives. The same Packer bond is true for coaches and parents, often leading to long-lasting friendships. Musketeers have each other’s back and no one should take that lightly!

Our registration covers all essential equipment, jersey, training camps, football combine and player certification. In addition, our high-quality helmets and shoulder pads, reconditioned yearly, ensure that no extra expense is required to be incurred by parents for these expensive items unless they choose to purhcase their own.