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Game Schedules

To find the game schedule for team, you should look in one of two places.

If your team is playing Pre-K/K or Grade 1&2 (U8) this season:

  • The schedule is posted on the GDYSC website on the Games/Practice Schedule tab. A map of the fields at Cow Pond for all Pre-K/K and G1/2 games is on the Fields tab on the left navigation bar of the GDYSC website. 

If your team is a G3/4 (U10) or above:

  • The schedule is posted on the NVYSL website at www.nvysl.org.
  • The game schedules for these teams are set by the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL), and can be found in two ways:
    • The first way is to go to the page for our club on the NVYSL website and then follow the link for your team.
    • The second way is to go directly to the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League website at www.nvysl.org. To access your team's game schedule, click on "Scores, Schedules and Standings" on the top navigation bar, select the season "Spring 2021" the gender/age group of your child (e.g. B3/4) and the group (flight) that they are playing in (e.g. B3/4 Rec 2.2).  Then click "Get Schedule and Standings". 
  • You will see all 8 games for the season. In addition, alongside the schedule information (on the far right side), you will see direction and map information for the location of the fields you will be playing at. Please be sure to check this site every week because the NVYSL will be making a number of real-time schedule changes throughout the season and the information may change week to week.

Registering as a Coach

Thank you for volunteering to help with Soccer this season! To get you fully registered and prior to practices or games, you will need to perform the following steps. Some of these steps can take time so the earlier you start the better

  1. Register as a Volunteer at GDYSC
  2. Register for the 2021-2022 season at Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA)
  3. Complete a background check (CORI)
  4. Complete concussion training
  5. Complete SafeSport training (Harassment prevention, Abuse prevention, etc.)
  6. Verification by GDYSC Risk Manager (David Pitkin) - only for first time coaches


Coaches will receive credentials that must be worn at practice and during games.


Step 1 - Register as a Volunteer at GDYSC

  • Go to www.gdysc.org
  • In the upper right corner click on big green “REGISTER NOW” button
  • Scroll to bottom of page to “Volunteers: Fall 2021”, and click the green “Register” button at the bottom middle.
  • >Follow directions. You are now registered with “The Club”.


Step 2 - Register for the 2021-2022 season at Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA)



If this is the first time you have coached or if you have NEVER registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association then use this link to download step by step directions:


If you have coached with our club before then you may already have registered with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. Use this link to download step by step directions:



Before starting consider the following:

  1. If you have ever registered with Mass Youth Soccer in the past DO NOT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT! It will require human intervention to fix the double entry and that will delay things. Use the password recovery option to re-gain access or call the help line.
  2. Do this on a computer; a tablet if you have to, but don’t try it with a phone!
  3. Have a good, face forward head shot (not your whole body) uploaded to your computer. NO HAT, NO SUNGLASSES, NO KIDS OR SPOUSES OR THEIR CROPPED BODY PARTS.
  5. Use the same email address for everything!
  6. Our organization’s name is: Groton Dunstable Youth Soccer Club
  7. This whole process will take around 4 hours. Most of the time will be spent on the SafeSport training. You can stop and start again later, just make sure to remember your passwords.
  8. No coaches will be allowed to interact with their teams until they have been CORI certified and completed both training certifications. No Coaching Credentials can be printed until these are complete.
  9. If you run into trouble try the help line phone number in the pdf directions. They are helpful. Also look at the FAQ: https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/assets/61/6/faq_2020-2021.pdf
  10. You can email or if you are stuck.


Step 3 - Complete the background check (CORI)

You start this process when you register with MYSA for the 2021-2022 season during step 2. CORI status is good for years. You can check your status by logging into MYSA at:


Select the "Applications" tab and confirm that you are risk approved.

Note: CORI's are specific to MYSA. CORI's obtained with other organizations or schools cannot be used.

Step 4 - Complete Concussion Training

You can verift your training status or take the training on the MYSA site by logging in at:


Select the "Certificates" tab and confirm whether you need to take the training or not.

Concussion training is good for two years. If you took the training after June 1, 2020 you should by fine but please confirm this on the site. You may need to upload your certificate from the training.


Step 5 - Complete SafeSport training

You can verify your training status or take the training on the MYSA site by logging in at:


Select the "Certificates" tab and confirm whether you need to take the training or not.

SafeSport training is good for five years but you generally have to perform a short Refresher Course each season.


Step 6 - Verification by GDYSC Risk Manager (David Pitkin)

If this is your first time registering with Mass Youth Soccer, the final step will be Verification. You will need to meet with David Pitkin ( @gdysc.org) in person with your license and the CORI print out. This must be done in person, not virtually.


Covid Compliance Officer Information


Covid-19 information is available on the Mass Youth Soccer website at:


In preparation for the season, we ask that Covid Compliance Officers make themselves familiar with the Covid-19 protocols. No formal training is required.



GDYSC supports its coaches with the equipment needed to be effective.

  • New head coaches should order a coaching bag with useful equipment (pinnies, cones, first aid kit, game ball).  
  • All new coaches should order a GDYSC shirt to wear for games.  


Ordering instructions will be updated in the next days.


We Thank all the coaches in Groton and Dunstable for their support!


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