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Home Base
Set up a 20x20 yard grid.
In each corner of the grid, mark out a 2/3 yard square (home base)with three marker cones in the center on which you can balance a soccer ball(you know, those cones with the holes on top).
*This drill works best if you have four teams of three players, one team in each Home Base. For this description assume you have four teams of three.
Place nine soccer balls in the middle of the grid.
Players start the game in thier own Home Bases.
They have to run to the center and dribble a soccer ball back to their Home Base and place it on a cone.
Each team can only have one ball at a time and each team member must touch the ball once (encourages passing). They can only pick a ball up when it is in their Home Base and no player is allowed to linger in the Home Base.
If any of the rules are broken, the coach/parent/helper must take a soccer ball off the cone of the offending team and serve it back into the grid.
Players can steal a soccer ball from other Home Bases and there is no tackling or blocking allowed.
If there are more than two players from the same team in their own Home Base when they place a ball on the cone, then the ball must be served back into the grid.
If the ball goes out of the grid it must be served back into the grid. The first team with three soccer balls in their Home Base, wins.