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Circle Pass
All players form a large (20 –25 yd) circle. Three players go into the centre of the circle, each with a ball. All three inside players start to dribble around inside the circle and perform at least one “turn”, then pass to any player on outside. They then exchange places with that player.
When players are comfortable with this, we progress to insisting that all passes must be between the other two balls. We can also add a passive defender and insist on minimizing the amount of touches. (I think that insisting on 2-3 touches is too restrictive even though this is the result we are seeking).

Keypoints to watch for
  • head up, ball on floor
  • first touch away from trouble (outside players), anticipation of outside players, but above all
  • IF THE PASS IS ON – MAKE IT, if not, hold the ball, dribble and watch for an opportunity.
When this drill works smoothly and depending on the skill level of your team, we will have the outside players (without the ball) identifying the open channel and calling for the pass.