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WCYHA is committed to providing parents and players with a mechanism for reasonable and legitimate complaints to be heard. Any concerned player/parent/guardian that has a complaint is required to follow the procedure below.

To avoid emotional or angry outbursts or behavior at games and practices, the "24 Hour Rule" is in force for all parents/guardians and players. This requires you to wait a period of 24 hours from the time of the incident about which you have a complaint, before making your concerns known to the appropriate party.

If a player has an issue with a coach, and is comfortable doing so, that player should follow the 24 hour rule and then request to meet with the coach in private. This should be the first step with any problem. If the coach and player cannot resolve the problem together, the next step is to get the player’s parent involved.

If a parent/guardian has an issue with a coach, once the 24 hour period has passed, the parent should address the concern with the head coach in private.

If the coach and parent are unable to resolve the problem, either can and should bring the problem to any WCYHA board member. All board members can be reached by phone or e-mail, as listed on the Jr. Colonial website.

The WCYHA board will discuss the issue and a board member will meet with the parent and coach to resolve the issue.


We ask that parents and guests respect the decisions of the officials and coaches during games

and practices. We realize that you may disagree with these decisions from time to time. In

order to teach sportsmanship and fair play, all adults should be visible role models. Keep

cheering and comments positive.