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Western Ct. Youth Hockey Board of Directors is taking a clear stand against bullying.

Bullying is defined as:

Bullying is aggressive behavior that is physical (punching or hitting), verbal (teasing, name calling) or intimidating, (non verbal bullying).

It is our belief that the supervision of players should be shared between team coaches and parents. For this reason we are asking that team parents and coaches come up with a schedule so that no team within our organization is left alone in the locker room. The schedule shall include both practice and game situations. Without this supervision we cannot be satisfied that there is no bullying taking place at Western Ct. Youth Hockey.

If coaches or parents witness any form of bullying, action needs to be taken. Consequences for this action will be firm, clear and consistent. As adults, we need to be consistent in order to provide a safe, fun environment for our children to play hockey.

For the reasons mentioned above the WCYHA the Board of Directors will implement the following consequences for any player bullying another player.

1st offense – the player will sit out the first period of their teams next scheduled game.

2nd offense – the player will be suspended for 1 game and 1 practice.

3rd offense – the player will be suspended for all practices and games for a 2 week period.

If after 3 offenses the bullying continues, then the player will be asked to leave Western Ct. Youth Hockey.

***This policy includes the bullying of players of other organizations the same as Jr. Colonials.***