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The mission of Orangetown Lacrosse is to provide a supervised lacrosse program for the boys and girls of Orangetown.  Orangetown Lacrosse maintains a program in which our youth can develop and improve their fundamental athletic skills and sportsmanship while learning the benefits of teamwork, by participating in a healthy physical activity with players of comparable ability.


  • The 1st & 2nd grade clinic serves as the foundation for further participation in our program. We will focuss on triaing the basics of the game using both hands to prevent developing bad habits.
  • Our 3rd /4th grade teams emphasizes basic lacrosse skills in a fun and positive environment, while exposing the players to all of the positions and rules with instructional practices and weekly games. This will be the first level where boys are playing games against other Town and Organizations. Travel is included to Westchester/ Orange and Northern NJ.
  • The 5th/6th grade teams are focused on further developing the player’s skills and features instructional practices and weekly games. Equitable playing time will be afforded each player over the course of the season, giving due consideration to the development needs of individual players and team morale.
  • The 7th/8th grade team will primarily emphasize a greater level of competition in conjunction with skill development. 

While each team philosophy is different, our main goal is to foster the development of each player’s lacrosse skills through practice drills and competition