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Conduct and Responsibilities of Coaches, Players and Parents
The following general standard of conduct shall be observed:

  • Foul, disrespectful or abusive language or acts, as well as harassment of officials, players, or spectators by coaches, players or parents will not be tolerated.


In the beginning of the season each team’s head coach will state the team policies to the players and will track attendance throughout the season. The Coach will voluntarily conduct a meeting with the parents before the first scrimmage and/or game of the season to introduce their staff of assistant coaches, discuss the team philosophy/policies and to field questions from the parents as a group or individually. Orangetown Lacrosse and its coaches encourage open and active dialogue between the staff of coaches and parents as well as players. 


Players are required to have the following equipment: stick, helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder and elbow pads, gloves, athletic supporter and cleats. All players should be ready to play lacrosse on practice days and game days. This means that all players should be dressed in their required lacrosse equipment and proper athletic apparel. All players will notify the coaching staff of either practice or game conflicts as soon as possible.

All players shall observe all reasonable, non-discriminatory and fairly applied team rules that are clearly communicated to players and parents by the coaches. 

Players who violate any team rule may be disciplined in the following manners:

  • Running
  • Push ups
  • Limited participation in drills and/or games
  • Expulsion

Parents are responsible for supplying the following equipment: stick, mouthpiece, shoulder and elbow pads, gloves, athletic cup and cleats. 
Attendance at practices and games is not mandatory for the players, however coaches will be tracking their attendance throughout the season. We ask that the parent and/or player notify the coaching staff of any conflicts as soon as possible. It is our policy to reward those players that make a commitment to the program, but players are not penalized for missing an occasional practice or game. 


Any player may be expelled for conduct detrimental to the program. The player will be given a verbal warning and an explanation of what the coach deems to be the offending behavior. If the situation occurs a second time the parent will be notified by the coach. The third violation of the same team rule will result in the expulsion of the player from the program. 


The registration fee will be refunded if the player decided he or she did not want to participate before the first practice of the season. After the season has begun there will be no refunds. Special consideration will be given to any player who leaves the program due to an injury or a family emergency that prevents their participation in the program.