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Set up a square area 30x30 (adjust area depending on how many players you have) and have each player with a ball inside the area.
Tell the players that you are going to visit the zoo to see the different animals and that they have to copy that animals actions.
  • PENGUIN - players juggle the ball between both feet. looks a bit like a waddle as a penguin would.
  • KANGAROO - players trap the ball with inside of both feet and jump around trying to keep the ball between their feet.
  • SEA LION - players throw the ball in the air and try to keep it up using their head.
  • CRAB - players sit on the floor then lift their bums up, supporting themselves with their hands and feet. They have to dribble the ball around using their feet.
  • TORTOISE - tell the players that a tortoise is so slow it almost goes backwards. Have the players dribble backwards slowly using the sole of their foot.
  • ROAD RUNNER - players dribble round at a fast pace.
You can make it more fun for the young ones by adding noises when they copy the animal, e.g. road runner 'meep meep'