Middletown CT Youth Baseball Softball Little League Ahern Whalen

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Youth Baseball & Softball

Mailing Address

MYBBSB Ahern Whalen
PO Box 1491 PO Box 2521
Middletown, CT 06457 Middletown, CT 06457
Board of Directors
Executive BOD
----------------------------------------- - Executive Board Members - ------------------------------
President president@mybbsb.org Russ Cormier
call\text 860-980-0376
VP of Ahern Whale vpahernwhalen@mybbsb.org Tom Muphy
VP of Baseball vpbaseball@mybbsb.org James Lane
VP of Operations vpoperations@mybbsb.org Abbie Moore
VP of Softball vpsoftball@mybbsb.org Jen Lane
Dir of Administration diradministration@mybbsb.org Tony Sharillo
Treasurer treasurer@mybbsb.org Rohan Manning
Treasurer, AW treasureraw@mybbsb.org Russ Cormier
Information Officers informationofficer@mybbsb.org Rob Steinhilber
Safety Director safety@mybbsb.org VACANT
Director of Volunteers volunteers@mybbsb.org Andrew Harrison
Director of Volunteers, AW volunteersaw@mybbsb.org VACANT
------------------------------------------- -- Voting Board Members -- -----------------------------
Player Agent, BB playeragentbb@mybbsb.org Tom Murphy
Player Agent, SB playeragentsb@mybbsb.org Tom Murphy
Player Agent, AW playeragentaw@mybbsb.org Tom Murphy
Registration Director, LL registration@mybbsb.org Rob Steinhilber
Registration Director, AW registrationaw@mybbsb.org Rob Newman
Challenger Director challenger@mybbsb.org Jack Jones
Equipment Managers equipment@mybbsb.org VACANT
Equipment Manager, AW equipmentaw@mybbsb.org  
Scheduling Director scheduling@mybbsb.org Tony Cekovsky
Scheduling Director, AW schedulingaw@mybbsb.org Rob Newman
Sponsor Director sponsor@mybbsb.org Sarah Shapiro
Sponsor Director, AW sponsoraw@mybbsb.org Kim Scalora
Tournament Director tournamentdirector@mybbsb.org VACANT
Training Directors training@mybbsb.org
Umpire Directors umpire@mybbsb.org Tony Cekovsky
Web Master webmaster@mybbsb.org
Rob Steinhilber 
Spring Coordinators




All-Star Coordinator   VACANT
Summer Coordinator   VACANT
Fall Coordinator   VACANT
Concessions Coordinator concessions@mybbsb.org VACANT