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Chalk-Talk Team Focus

Our coaches’ viewpoints of classroom coaching sessions:

"Chalk-Talk coaching sessions are pivotal for the success of all players at all levels."

"A key to player progression is hockey awareness and the best way to do that is during a video session with detailed explanation and correction." 

"If classroom coaching sessions are not being done on your team, then you're not doing your all as a coach."


Player’s viewpoints of Chalk-Talks

"Team coaching sessions allow you to see what your coach is teaching you from their perspective."

"I've done virtual sessions in the past, you just don't get enough out of them. My coach saw my mistake in practice and explained it while it was fresh in my mind."

"In coaching sessions with my line mates, we could see our position mistakes and clearly understood the bigger game picture."


Sample information of information that coaches will cover. 


Most of the conversation would be about spreading out on the ice (cross-ice), making passes, being a good teammate, and most importantly having fun. 


Most of the classroom work will focus on using the entire ice surface (as players will be making the jump from cross-ice hockey), making passes to teammates, being a good teammate, face off positioning, off-sides, and continuing to foster the enjoyment of the game of hockey. 

Peewees and Bantams:

Classroom work will continue to foster the enjoyment of the game of hockey with more of a focus on player positioning in the neutral zone, offensive zone, and defensive zone situations. Coaches will also start to touch on special team situations while enjoying the game of hockey.


Classroom will focus on tactical situations, team tendencies, situational play, and game highlights to continue to help team and player development while enjoying the game of hockey.