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Welcome to Stamford Little League!


As of November 2022, Stamford National American and Stamford North Little Leagues have merged to become Stamford Little League.  While we are very excited about the merger of our two great Little Leagues, you will notice very little difference except for our League name during our first year.

Stamford Little League will consist of two divisions.  What was Stamford National American Little League will become the American Division within Stamford Little League.  What was Stamford North Little League will become the National Division within Stamford Little League. 

The new American Division will continue to play on the same fields National American LL used last season, and the new National Division will continue to use the fields Stamford North LL used.

The players from each prior league will continue to play with their respective division and there will not be any comingling of players, managers, or coaches.  Each Division will have its own regular season and playoffs.  Each Division will have its own All-Star teams in the Annual District 1 Tournament.

This merger is intended to have the volunteers of the legacy Stamford North LL and Stamford National American LL Boards working together and operating under one umbrella.  This will enable the newly formed Stamford Little League to have a stronger voice with the City and will allow for an economy of resources; no to mention having a Little League name that promotes our great City.

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