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League Rules



No Ringer Rule: No players may be added to the roster after the regular season. If a player on your team was injured, you may bring in a substitute of the same playing ability as your injured player.

Equipment: All players at all times must respect all of the facility’s equipment. All players must not intentionally misuse the nets or any other volleyball equipment by tugging, grabbing, pulling, hitting, etc...

Schedule: Schedules will be ready as soon as possible before the start of your league. Center Court reserves the right to change your schedule if it will benefit your league. 


Rescheduling/Make-Ups: When games are cancelled for a reason beyond our control (ex. inclement weather), if possible, they will be rescheduled to the best of our ability. This will depend on court availability; If they cannot be made up, no refunds or credits will be given.


Forfeits: You may forfeit a match due to a lack of players (see Number of Players). You may also forfeit a match due to tardiness; 5 minutes late forfeits the first game, 15 minutes after start time forfeits the match. If you know your team needs to forfeit a match, call the director as soon as possible (preferably 24 hours in advance) so that opposing team may be notified. (We will make attempts to make up the match if possible.)

Playoffs:   All teams will play every week of playoffs regardless of position. There will be no time limit or scoring cap during playoffs

Referees: In the event that a referee is not available, each team on said court will receive a free pitcher coupon, and will use the honor system in calling his or her own game.  

Warm-Ups: On court warm up time is not guaranteed, but all efforts will be made to provide 5 minutes of warm-up for each match while also still staying on schedule for the night. Teams choosing to spend time warming up after "Game On" has been called recognize that this may jeopardize their abilities to complete all three games.

Time Limit: All matches must start at their scheduled time. All matches are guaranteed 55 minutes of play, this includes; timeouts and any rest time between games. If your referee is present, games are to begin at the scheduled time and there will be no grace period! If time is running out in the third game, the referee will indicate when there are 10, 5, and 2 minutes left. At the end of the 55 minutes whichever team has more points will be declared the winner of the 3rd game. The only exception to the time limit will be the last scheduled game of the night-the match will be allowed to exceed 55 minutes.

Scoring: All games will be played using rally scoring; all games to 25, with a 27 point cap.

Time-Outs: Each team is allowed one-30 second time-out per game. No time-outs may be taken in the last five minutes of the match.

Late Player(s): Players arriving late may only enter the game when their team has gained a side out.


Number of Players: All teams will be allowed to begin their match with as few as 2 players, though in a coed league it must be 1 male and 1 female player, or 2 female players. In 6’s leagues the player who has served is considered back row; however, when playing with less than 5 the server is the only player who is not a “live” front row player. Players still must rotate across the front row as usual. When playing with less than 6 players, rotation rules will be modified -- all back row players must be further from the net than ANY front row player to prevent teams from gaining an advantage by playing short.

Coed Play: Each team must alternate male/female in line-up. At no time may a team play with more males than females. In coed play a series of 2 or more contacts must involve a female player. A back row male player may come up to the front and block when there is only one other male in the front row. That player is not allowed to attack a ball above the net from in front of the ten-foot line.


In 4’s Leagues: All players are considered “live” and are allowed to attack the ball from anywhere on the court (except in reverse leagues). No rotation is required, except for a service rotation.


Reverse: Any ball hit by a male in front of the ten foot line must travel with an upward trajectory over the net.

Playing off the Ceiling: If the ball makes contact with the ceiling and returns on the same side of the net, it is legal to continue playing the ball. If the ball comes down on the opponent’s side of the net, it is considered out of bounds and is a dead ball.


Questioning a Call: If your team has a question regarding a play, only the captain may ask the referee about their ruling or for clarification.


All USAV Rules Apply: With the exception of the rule on touching the net. For safety reasons it will remain illegal to touch any part of the net as opposed to the more liberal rules recently adopted by USAV (for USAV rules visit http://www.usavolleyball.org/pages/2495)


Among these rules:

Ø  All teams must rotate into the serve.

 (Ex. Team A serves first. Team B earns a side out. Team  B must
            rotate into the serve)

Ø  All teams and levels may set a serve.

Ø  No blocking or attacking the serve.

Ø  The block does not count as a contact. 

Ø  A player may contact the ball with any part of the body.

Ø  Player only gets one attempt to toss prior to serving; even if you let it drop.

Ø  Let-serves are legal.

Ø  Open-hand tipping is legal.