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The following is for Sr. Minor and up Divisions:


Managers will receive:

·       Bag that will include:

o   Catcher's equipment, including required throat guard

o   First aid kit

o   12 practice/game balls

o   Scorebook

Players will need to provide their own gloves and cleats.

·       Players typically have their own helmet and bat.  We do have extra helmets.

Note, all bats and equipment must meet National Little League policies, including USA Bat Rules

Game Day

Managers bring to games:

·       Rulebook

·       Scorebook (provided)

·       Pitch Counter or App (Sr Minor and up) - your choice, you provide

·       Lineup

Umpires will bring game balls. 


Game Day Help

1.      Home team (1st game of the day) drag, chalk & paint field as needed

2.      Home Dugout is 3rd base dugout at Bob Bond Park, but this may not be the case at other ballparks (50/70 and Juniors)

3.     Home team keeps official scorebook - both teams will need scorekeeper to sit at table and run scoreboard (score, game time, pitch count, etc.)

a.     Scoreboard controllers will be kept in each field's shed.  Please have scorekeepers help set these up.  Clocks should not be stopped during games.  Umpires are still the only person authorized to end the game, and may rely on another clock as the official clock in case of scoreboard malfunction.

4.     Sr Minor – Set game clock to 1 hour and 30 minutes – no new inning starts after time runs out

5.     Major, 50/70 and Junior – Set game clock to 1 hour and 45 minutes – no new inning starts after time runs out

Clean trash out of dugout after each game and practice.

Last game of the night: 

·       Put away Scoreboard Controller and all used equipment

·       Lock Sheds

·       Lock Bathroom

·       Turn off field lights (Make sure families are headed to the vehicles and little ones are too!)


·       Rule Book (provided in equipment bags)

·       Interleague Rules Apply (50/70 & Junior)

·       Local Bylaws (see here)

·       Teams bat entire lineup (JM through Major)

·       Maximum of 5 runs per inning can be scored (JM & SM)

·       Maximum of 10 runs per inning can be scored (Major)

·       NO PROTESTS in Minor Leagues - Protests must be resolved before the next pitch or play.  All issues must be resolved on the field and the umpire has the final say.  All other divisions follow protest rules in the book (pp. 89-90)

Umpire Policy

·       In addition see pp. 117-120 in the rule book - the umpire is in charge!

·       Manager, Coach or Player Ejection - see pp. 84-85

o   Must leave ballpark immediately, be suspended for the next game, and can return the following game.


Pitch Count Policy for Sr. Minor and Major Baseball (50/70 and Junior must use Interleague Policy) -

·       Managers are responsible for knowing the pitching eligibility of each of their players.

·       Managers should inform the opposing manager of pitcher eligibility for all his/her players at the beginning of the game. (Managers must update this statistic after each game.)

·       Teams will keep track of both their pitchers' counts and the opposing team's pitchers' counts and compare records at the end of each inning.

·       The home book will remain the official book and total pitches for each pitcher during the game should be recorded on the right hand sides of the game's score sheets in the score book.

·       Home book scorekeeper will also keep tally marks for strikes and balls in the score-sheet to assist in reconciling any pitch total controversy.

Umpires will assist with discrepancies regarding pitches on an inning-by-inning basis (just like with outs and runs).

Managers must:

·       Update pitch counts online by noon of the day you will play

·       Make the opposing manager aware of pitching eligibility of all players at the start of the game

·       Compare pitch counts on both teams' pitches at the end of each inning

For additional information, see pitch count rules on pages 42-44 of your rule book.  You can also find rules here: http://www.littleleague.org/learn/rules/pitch-count.htm 

Guide to entering stats (including pitch counts) on our website: https://leagueathletics.com/Help/coach-guide/enter_stats.shtml

Fewer than 9 Players at game time (Sr Minor & Major only) – 

If a team has only 8 players present at game time, the game may begin with those 8 players.  A “ghost” out will be recorded for the 9th player’s spot in the batting order.  A 9th player that arrives after the start of the game may be placed in the 9th spot in the lineup.  Additional players shall be added at the end of the batting order if they arrive after the game starts.  A team with 7 or less players present at game time will forfeit and a score of 6 to 0 will be recorded.  The teams may still scrimmage with no umpires, so the game can still be recorded as a “game played” for all-star eligibility requirements.


Pool Player Policy (usually Sr Minor and up)

A pool of players from existing regular season teams can be created with players that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular-season game within their respective division.


·       The league will create and run the pool.  The league will use the pool to assign players within their respective divisions to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis.

·       Managers and/or coaches will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool within their respective divisions.

·       Under this option, when a player participates in a game on a team other than his/her own team, such player will not be permitted to pitch in that game and will take the defensive position in the outfield only.

·       The Pool Player will bat last in the lineup.  EXCEPTION:  If a team member arrives late to the game, that player will be placed last in the batting order.

·       Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine consecutive defensive outs and bat once.

Steps to Obtain a Pool Player:

·       Determine that you are in need of a player because you will have less than 9 rostered players.

·       Contact the league Pool Player Rep. and ask for a Pool Player.  ONLY the league Pool Player Rep. can assign a Pool Player to a team.  Give as much notice as possible for the Pool Player Rep. to obtain a Pool Player for assignment.

Pool Players Obtained Improperly:

·       If a manager obtains a Pool Player improperly, that manager will be suspended for his/her next regularly scheduled game.

·       Any Pool Player that is not obtained properly should be considered an ineligible player and the opposing manager can protest the game based on the use of an ineligible player.