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The following information is discussed on this page:

1.     Field & Facility Use

2.    Combinations

3.    Lights

4.   Field Maintenance

5.    Inclement Weather


Field & Facility Use

  • Per the City agreement with the Texas Military Department, and our agreement with the City, the only allowed use of this facility is for Bryan National Little League functions (including lights, etc.)
  • The practice times provided are for your little league team only.  If a Manager is using practice time for tournament team, adult rec league team, smaller group practice that the entire team is not invited to, etc. the manager will be relieved of duties immediately.
  • Fields must remain locked when not scheduled for use.  Per the City of Bryan, "Anyone found inside the fields when they are locked shall be considered a trespasser and be subject to removal."
  • Drive through gates must be locked at all times - safety issue to have open during games/practices



  • All locks on light cages should be unlocked and locked back immediately.  Chains on fields are to be locked to the fence when not in use (to prevent theft of chains/locks).
    • Given to Coaches prior to season beginning:
  • Lights - #### 
  • Parker Shed, Harrison Shed, and Bathrooms - #### 
  • Lock everything when you leave - if you are the last one, lock things even if you didn't open them.
    • ‚ÄčDon't forget to lock the bathrooms!


    • Bond field light switches are by the concession stand.
      • You have to "flip" the breaker switches.
      • Be careful not to flip the switches marked "do not turn off."  This controls the snack bar outlets, which include freezers.
    • Parker and Harrison field light switches are behind the batting cage in Parker field's right field.
      • Be careful not to switch off the breaker that controls the outlet by the batting cage.
  • Concession stand is outsourced this year - do not ask them to turn on lights, etc.
  • Turn off lights when leaving if you are last on a field.  If you are last at the park, turn off ALL lights even if you did not turn on.

Field Maintenance

·        BNLL Volunteers are responsible for all field maintenance and cleanup of the park.

·        Tools & Supplies in each shed, including:

o   Extension cord for pitching machine, broom & dustpan, leaf rakes, field rakes, wheelbarrow, field paint striper, field chalker, chalk, shovels, long tape measure, batter’s box drawing frame - Please let us know if any of this is getting low in supply.

o   Tool Box with basic tools located in Parker Shed

o   Portable Mounds are stored in Parker and Bond Sheds

Inclement Weather - Rainout Procedure

We will make every attempt to notify parents and coaches in a timely manner about the status of games in order to minimize any inconvenience you might experience. However, it is not always possible to provide hour-by-hour real-time updates during changing weather conditions. Although inconvenient, there may be situations where you will need to arrive at the fields to determine if your game will or will not be played. 

If the decision to cancel games is made:

·        The league will notify all participants via texts and emails when that decision is made. The BNLL website will also be updated at that time on the calendar. 

·        We will make every effort to notify participants of game cancellations by 5pm on weekdays and within an hour of the first game on weekends. 

·        If the weather deteriorates within 45 minutes of your game time, it may be necessary to make the decision to play or not to play at the field and parents and coaches may not be notified in advance. Determining whether to play or not will be the responsibility of the umpire(s) and league officials.  Please do not contact board members for rainout information - we are aware that the weather needs to be watched, but don't want to make a judgment too soon.

·        All rainout information will be conveyed via our website, emails and texts.  If a game is rained out on a Monday-Wednesday, it will be rescheduled to be played the following Saturday.  If a game is rained out on a Thursday-Saturday, it will be rescheduled to be played the following Wednesday, if possible.  Exception – regarding interleague games, the two coaches must come to an agreement for a day, time, and location for the makeup game and notify the home field officials to give the alternate information.

Weather Policy <--- Click Here for our BNLL Weather Policy