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SYHA Families -


Our tryouts are designed to place each player on the team that will allow them to best develop their hockey skills at an appropriate pace while having a positive playing experience.  While there is no such thing as a “perfect” tryout, Simsbury Youth Hockey is confident that our time-tested process is well structured, objective, and fair.  


The Evaluation Team in each division will consist of the “A” Team Head Coach and 2 - 4 additional evaluators who have no association to the division.  The President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Policy, Director of Coaching, and Division Director provide organization and oversight throughout the entire team placement process.


To further ensure objectivity, evaluators are provided with a scoresheet including ONLY the pinney colors and numbers that are assigned to players each night.  On night one, skaters will be evaluated against other players in their birth year.  Session assignments for nights two and three will be based on evaluation scores and will be posted to the website.  Goalies should plan to attend all sessions unless otherwise advised.  


Again, we aim to place each child in the most beneficial situation – where it will be most enjoyable and where their confidence as hockey players continues to grow.  Players who are not assigned to a travel team will be placed in the house program.  We make every effort to communicate final team placements as quickly as possible, however, we’ll take the time needed to ensure we achieve that goal and that process may take several days.  


For more information, please review the SYHA Tryout Policy, which also includes general evaluation criteria, the SYHA Division Policy for insight on the composition of teams, and our Playing Time Policy for skaters and goalies. 


All policies can be found on our website.  Please reach out to your Division Director at any time with any additional questions or concerns about the SYHA Evaluation Process.


Paul J. Melanson

President, Simsbury Youth Hockey