The Avon Grove Wildcats website was established in 2000 to keep our parents, coaches, volunteers, community and fans informed on the growth and progress of our Football and Cheerleading programs.
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About Avon Grove Wildcats


The Avon Grove Wildcats is a Non Profit, Volunteer Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization.  The club was formed in 1993 to provide high quality, athletic instructional opportunities for the youth of our community, while emphasizing competitiveness, good sportsmanship and the importance of academic achievement!

It is our belief that children who are coached and mentored to reach their fullest potential both, on and off the field, develop a heightened level of school spirit and pride in their community as they become well rounded, productive young adults.

While we recognize that our role in the community is to provide a safe and instructional football/cheerleading program; we also realize that the promotion of a good work ethic, a sense of fairness and above all a healthy self esteem is the by product we wish to achieve most!