Al Hammell Fundamental Sports Inc. is a youth baseball organization that is creating programming designed to actively promote community-based sports in the Hudson Valley while working in the best interests of our local players.

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The Rangers Choice:


Taconic Rangers 

-The Taconic Rangers travel baseball program operates travel teams geared toward college development and college exposure for serious high school baseball players looking to move on to play baseball at the college level.

-Our organization is split into two geographical areas in New York's Hudson Valley: North and South

-Our highest performing players from both sides of the organization will move on to play with our Main Showcase team run by Coach Bob Fletcher

-We field only one (1) team at each age level in our geographical areas.

  • Taconic Rangers North draws it's players from Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, and Northern Putnam counties and all points North.
  • Taconic Rangers South draws it's players from Westchester, Rockland, and Southern Putnam counties and all points South.

-This structure allows us to have a local focus for development and training on the players and families who are committed to our organization.

-Our staff is qualified and experienced, offering players a solid baseball and performance training experience and a high level of college exposure baseball in the summer months.

-The Taconic Rangers North side of the organization is run by Coach Al Hammell.

-The Taconic Rangers North side of the organization partners with NorthStar Sports in Poughkeepsie, NY to present a comprehensive 16-week winter foundational strength, agility, and baseball skills/metrics player development program.

-The NorthStar Sports professional training staff maintains a focus on strength, agility, and arm care training during the winter months, hitting and pitching Rapsodo/Blast motion metrics are also used to track player development in-house. We view our in-season and off-season performance trainings as essential elements for player advancement to the High School Varsity and Collegiate baseball levels.

-Our 16U-17U showcase summer teams form each Fall Season out of the Fall College Campus Showcase/Workout Program:

-The Taconic Rangers organization has set itself apart from other regional travel organizations.

-Our coaching staff is committed to player development and player advancement. Our goals are much different than that of other area programs. We place a focus on player development, player advancement, and ultimately college exposure for our players.

-Our highest performing players move up in our organization! The best players move to a higher level of play to maximize their player development and exposure. There are no parent coaches. The best players advance.

-Under the guidance of Coach Bob Fletcher, the Taconic Rangers organization has a proven history of moving baseball players to the collegiate level and even the professional baseball ranks.

-The Taconic Rangers have earned one of the best reputations among the college baseball coaching community throughout the Northeast region and beyond. We work hard to find the right college fit for our players.

-The Taconic Rangers organization creates it's summer travel schedules at each age level deliberately for maximum competition and also for maximum college exposure. We travel regionally in a common-sense manner at each age level of our program.

-While we are often very successful in tournament play, winning is not our main focus.

-Our practice structure and off-season player development programs are designed to maximize player development as players look to advance to their next level of play within their high school baseball programs and in their search for a college baseball home.

-Our goal is to help players realize their baseball and academic goals and to offer the best development and college exposure program in the region for serious, committed baseball players and families.

-We enjoy what we do and take pride in our players and our organization.

-Call Coach Hammell at 845-527-0897 for more information.