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Rainouts:  Under normal circumstances, rainouts are not rescheduled. During most sessions, UFASA will make every attempt to have the kids play as many weeks as possible given that the resources are available and the weather permits; however this may not always be feasible.


Refunds:  Beginning 05/01/2008, any refund requests prior to the season start due for reasons that are not related to decisions or changes initiated by UFASA, will incurr a $10 admin fee to cover costs and time associated with refunding any session fee. Such reasons include, but are not limited to: personal time management or availability, changed minds, etc. 
Due to unrecoverable expenses, there will be NO refunds given once a given season starts.


Playing Up/Down:  UFASA recreation groups children based strictly on their school grade.  Requests for playing up or down a grade or division are against association recreation policy.


Travel players on Recreational Squads/Teams:  Our association, Upper Freehold-Allentown, has a by-law that generally prohibits carded travel players from playing in our recreational division.  It is a by-law that is often called into question but is supported by our board for the following reasons which are designed to protect the travel player,  the recreational player and the coach:

1)  Travel players generally train more often and play more games that rec players.  When you add additional practices and games it does not necessarily make the players better but can often make them more susceptible to injury. 

2)  Travel players often have a varied schedule.  Which means once you build a team around the fact that they "fill a roster", they often have travel games that conflict with Midlands game.  The priority is the travel game and often effects the recreational roster. This issue is exaggerated by tournament schedules.

3)  Rec players for the most part only get to play one game a week.  Too often we have seen playing time taken away from the rec players in order to make the team on the field stronger.  The rec players get their customary 1/2 game and the travel players play more. 

4) Travel players are generally more aggressive and skilled than the average recreations player and therefore can too often be overly relied on by a team.  This does not give the rec players the greatest opportunity to grow when they simply have to get the ball to certain players.  It also often means that the positions that they get to play are rarely key roles.

Exception:  There is however, one exception to this policy and that is when the registration #'s for our Recreation Teams are not sufficient enough to create a complete team thereby jeopardizing the season for the recreational player.  When this occurs, the UFASA Board of Directors may approve temporary player involvement from the travel division in order to complete teams for recreational players.

We realize that these thoughts are not viewed the same by everyone who may read this.  Our focus has always been on consistency and fair play and trying to give every player in the association the chance to play the greatest amount of time in the most appropriate division.