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FHYAA COVID-19 Protocol

The Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association (FHYAA) is committed to creating a safe environment for youth sports and being a concientious community member by reducing the spread of COVID-19. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment so we can continue to provide recreational sports where participants learn teamwork, develop friendships, self-confidence, and good sportsmanship, empowering our young athletes to become responsible citizens.    

This policy, utilized by all FYHAA programs, serves to protect the well-being of players, coaches, referees, league officials, parents and spectators, who all must abide by these rules. Informed by the latest information available, it is updated as relevant national, state and local health regulations and guidelines change. This protocol provides overall FHYAA safety requirements, however please review any additional sport-specific COVID-19 protocols to ensure compliance for that sport.



  • STAY HOME IF SICK: Anyone with a fever or feeling ill should not attend any FHYAA event.
  • MASKS REQUIRED: Masks covering your mouth and nose must be worn at all FHYAA events, including practices, games/matches, team events, etc.  Bandanas/neck gaiters are NOT acceptable. 
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Spectators must maintian 6' social distancing between individuals / groups from unrelated households.
  • PLAYER PARTICIPATION: Participants must practice appropriate social distancing at all times. Hugs, handshakes and high-fives are not permitted.
  • NO SHARING: Each player or coach must bring thier own equipment, mask, hand sanitizer and water. Sharing is not permitted.
  • HYGIENE: Cover mouth if coughing or sneezing. Hand washing and hand sanitizer use is recommended. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • INDOOR GAMES/EVENTS/ACTIVITIES: Masks may be lowered to drink water. If a mask is dislodged during play, action must stop until the mask is back in place properly. If a participant is unwilling to wear an acceptable mask properly, they must leave the playing area. Recommendation: bring a backup mask.
    • HEALTH SCREENING REQUIRED: Prior to participating in a FHYAA scheduled event, players, coaches and referees must pass the County's health screening checklist using the mobile app.
    • ONE TEAM IN GYM: Indoor practices are scheduled 15 minutes apart. Participants must wait outside until the scheduled start time. The first group must vacate completely before the next group enters. 
    • ONE SPECTATOR PER PARTICIPANT: Only one spectator per participant is allowed in the gym during practices or games. 
  • OUTDOOR GAMES/EVENTS/ACTIVITIES: Masks may be lowered to drink water. Masks are optional for players during active play at outdoor games, i.e. masks are not required when baseball players are on the field, they are required in the dugout.



  • Coaches will keep players six feet apart where practicable:
    • Keep team activities to smaller groups
    • Put cones down to illustrate what six feet looks like
    • Minimize the time players are in huddles or waiting in lines
  • Avoid carpooling. If carpooling is necessary, wear masks when in confined spaces.
  • Masks should be worn while in close proximity to other team players and coaches, for instance on the side line while waiting to engage in play on the field.
  • Officials and Home Teams may make adjustments to these policies on a case-by-case basis (e.g., require players and coaches to mask up during play) based on his/her own requirements/level of comfort.
  • If COVID-19 symptoms are exhibited during a team activity, the participant will socailly distance themselves and leave the event immediately.
  • The team playing defense will provide game balls for their team. Balls will be sanitized after each game/practice. 
  • After a game, coaches and players will wave to the opposing team instead of post game high fives.
  • No team snacks or meals are permitted prior to or after games.



  • COVID-19 SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITY: If any FHYAA participant (1) has known exposure to a person who  tested positive for or was diagnosed with COVID-19, (2) has symptoms consistent with or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they must:
    • Notify the team coach immediately
    • Cease attending FHYAA events
    • Follow the "Return to Play" protocol
  • FHYAA RESPONSIBILITY: Per Fairfax County policies, FHYAA must file a report with the Fairfax County Health Department if a participant has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test). This initiates Health Department contact tracing.
  • TEAM NOTIFICATION: If a participant has been diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test), a confidential notifcation of the exposure will be sent to the entire team.
  • TEAM SHUTDOWN: If the participant diagnosed with COVID-19 (by a health professional or through a positive test) attended a team event in the 7 calendar days prior to the diagnosis, that team will cease practices and cancel all scheduled games and team events for 14 calendar days after the date of diagnosis. 
  • RETURN TO PLAY: Those identified as having known exposure or have tested positive may return to play after 14 days OR after ALL the following criteria has been met (whichever is longer):
    • Fever-free for at least 72 hours following symptoms
    • AND other respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) improving
    • AND at least 10 days since symptoms first began
    • AND a negative test result is completed by a medical professional



  • Anyone who violates the letter or spirit of this protocol may be disqualified from the season and barred from further participation in FHYAA events.

  • If the actions of an individual knowing placed other participants at risk, the matter is escalated for further disciplinary consideration.


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