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  • The Majors Strike Zone is any part of the ball over the plate from the top of the knees to the armpits. 
  • The AAA Strike Zone is any part of the ball over the plate from the top of the knees to the armpits. 
  • With the advent the pitching machine at AA, there is currently no called strikes at this level. 
  • A full break down of the strike zone now:
  • Particularly in this season (Spring 2021), we are in favor of a relatively large strike zone to encourage players to be swinging the bat and also to bolster the confidence of the pitchers. A few of the coaches have offered feedback that the strike zone right now in some AAA games and even a few Majors games seems too tight for the capabilities of the kids pitching.
  • If after the first inning in particular, the regular zone seems too tight for the pitchers by your own judgment, feel free to expand it out a bit to include balls that you think are decently hittable by the particular kid at the plate; also feel free to discuss the zone with the coaches at the start of the game.
  • The coaches do have the coordinators permission to approach you jointly after the bottom of an inning if the coaches of both teams feel the zone is too tight (i.e. many walks have been issued).
  • Always keep strike zonconversational -- and you should also feel free to remind coaches that balls and strikes are still your judgment call -- and that they can't consistently see whether pitches are balls or strikes from where they are positioned (coaches do know this, but our brains sometimes tell us otherwise).  
  • Particularly in AAA, a reasonable number of pitchers still have a rainbow/arc in some their pitches, so a ball might cross the plate at a hitter's top of head or nose but land in the catcher's glove at the hitter's mid-chest height or below. We should still make sure the ball is not crossing the plate that high -- that's not very hittable with a regular swing.