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We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.

For those interested in Little Kicks we wanted to supply you with some notes of interest.

The first day of Little Kicks will be April 24th with the 6 weeks of soccer that ends on June 5th. There will be no soccer on May 29th. For Memorial Day weekend.

If there are any rain dates we will extend the season one week. The normal start time will be 9:30 and run to 10:45. Please be early for wellness check in each morning. Parking will be in the upper parking lot. See map on website – field layouts under home column. Activities will take place on Field 1. We will be giving each player a WAM soccer shirt. Players should bring a size 3 or 4 ball, cleats, water and shin guards. There will be an award ceremony at the conclusion of the season

In the case of inclement weather, we will update the website and send out an email no later than 8:30AM


 In order to keep players, coaches and parents safe we have made a few changes to the program:


  • Players will be grouped according to age into cohorts. These cohorts will consist of about 8 players and 2 assistant coaches.
  • Each cohort will stay with the same coach(es) for the whole 6 weeks. Cohorts will not mix with other cohorts. 
  • Players should bring a bag of some sort to hold their belongings. 
  • Players and parents will both be required to wear masks upon arrival. Players may take off their masks once they’ve joined their cohorts. Parents must keep their masks on at all times. 
  • Likewise, coaches will be required to wear masks at all times. 
  • We ask that parents do not handle any equipment (e.g. a ball bouncing out of play)
  • Check-in will be a socially-distant process. Upon arrival, players will have their temperatures taken, and everyone will have their hands sanitized before entering the field.

 Masks at Lions Field are mandatory at all times except for players who are active on the fields


If one of our COVID-19 Ambassadors notices someone without a mask we will kindly ask the individual to put a mask on. If they refuse, WAM United will not argue or be confrontational.  What we will do as a club, is stop the activities that your child is involved in and end the practice or match.  If someone does not want to wear a mask they can remain in their vehicle.

Please understand that we are following directives from the State of Connecticut, the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, and US Youth Soccer.  

We are a team of volunteers going the extra mile to provide a service for kids.  We fully respect everyone's opinions, but it's very important that we all be respectful of these rules and procedures, of all the people volunteering their time and hard work to make this happen, and of each other.