Alpine / West Menlo Little League has served the families of Menlo Park, Woodside, and Portola Valley for more than a half-century. Our mission is to be an outstanding community organization that creates a culture where kids of all abilities love playing

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Starting Friday, March 12, 2021 all currently *registered* umpires can go into the Alpine Master Schedule and reserve games. While we initially asked you to limit yourself to reserving games through 4/24, as of the week of 4/19, you are entitled to select games through the entire season (the end of May). Note that additional playoff games and slots will be posted in May. 

If you are new or don't recall how to reserve games, please refer to our instructional videos page. 

Regular season Alpine games start Saturday, March 20. Do note that there is a break is scheduled games from Friday, March 26 through Sunday, April 4 for Spring Break. The regular season runs through the end of May. 
Multiple Zoom trainings were held on various dates in March and April. We may continue to hold Zoom "office hours" into May if there is a need for additional training and communication. 
Umpiring slots may end up being more limited this season vs. past seasons. With six fewer AA-Majors teams, there will be several fewer umpiring slots per week. However, to enhance opportunities, we have made all AA games three-umpire-games. If there is additional demand, we may considering adding third umpires to other levels as well. We will likely have three-umpire slots for all playoff games this season. More updates to come!   
Key additional items:
  • Know the league's COVID practices before your first outing. The Alpine guide is available here: Alpine COVID Safety Guide
  • You should be familiar with the guide - key take-aways for umpires:
    • Cloth masks must be worn, even under the plate ump's facemask  
    • Thoroughly sanitize the shared umpire equipment, particularly the facemask, before use; cleaning wipes are available in the sheds. 
    • When working the plate ump position, keep extra distance from the catcher and hitter, but still be in position to make calls. 
    • Plate umpires are permitted to position themselves behind the pitcher to call balls and strikes and perform their other duties. There is no requirement to do so. However positioned, maintaining extra distance is the key.   
    • Keep general social distancing from players, coaches, and other umps in making a call, talking over a play, having the plate meeting, etc. 
    • Having the players follow the COVID guidelines (distancing, no sharing of equipment, masks, dugout use, etc.) is primarily the coaches' responsibility, not yours.   
  • Please keep in mind that we are emerging from a year of little to no organized baseball. The first two or three weeks of the season are likely to feature some rusty play, coaching, and even umpiring. We expect coaches, players, fans, and umpires to be understanding of this. But having umps who are confident and know their role will help things go a lot smoother.