Alpine / West Menlo Little League has served the families of Menlo Park, Woodside, and Portola Valley for more than a half-century. Our mission is to be an outstanding community organization that creates a culture where kids of all abilities love playing

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Alpine-Specific Instructional Videos

How to Schedule Yourself for Games 


Umpire Password Reset

Please watch the instructional video link below if you’re having problems signing up for games. More than likely your game signup trouble is you’re logging in in your adult/guardian account and not as the youth umpire. The below video will show you how to reset the junior Umpire’s password and login as the junior Umpire.

If your child’s league age is incorrect please fix their birthdate when you are changing the password.


Other Useful Videos

A very solid, complete umpire field clinic from the Andover, MA Little League Chief Umpire. First 36 minutes around plate mechanics. Base mechanics from 36 minutes to about 65 minutes; Last 25 minutes around general precepts. 


Plate Umpire Mechanics

A very solid video focused on LL plate umpire mechanics and duties.

Base Umpire Mechanics

Videos on the Base Ump Positions Follow.

The "A" Postion: where the base umpire is positioned with nobody on. In an average little league game, the base ump spends much of their time in this position. 



The "B" Postion: how the base umpire is positioned with a runner on 1st base. 



The "C" Postion: how the base umpire is positioned with a runner on 2nd or 3rd base. 


A little league umpire field positioning and mechanics compendium:

A Youtube playlist of solid little league mechanics videos: