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Laconia Lacrosse Club Covid Guidelines for

Games and Practices

General Safety Protocols from NHYLA

Link to Game Day Covid Field Rules

Link to Covid Release Form (required to practice or play)

Link to Covid Action Plan

1) Coaches and athletes will wear masks and/or face coverings while on the sidelines.

In some instances, athletes may be required to wear masks and/or face coverings DURING competition (if the home team’s town or league requires it, it will be a requirement to play and not forfeit) .

2) Parents should take temps at home before coming to the field, temps will also be taken at the field, and hands will be washed or sanitized upon arrival.

3) Laconia Lacrosse League will NOT permit the use of benches at home games; as well as away games (even if benches are available).

4) Personal bags/belongings will be placed appropriately on the sideline with 6 FEET of spacing.

 5) Coaches and athletes will maintain safe social distancing whenever possible, and especially when there is a stoppage of play during practice and/or game play.

6) Coaches and athletes will wear masks upon entering sideline area(s) when coming off the field. Masks may be removed before entering the sub box to sub into the game.

7) Families, Parents/Guardians and Spectators agree to comply with recommended CDC social distancing (at least 6 FEET) and agree to wear mask and/or face coverings when on the sideline during practices and games.

8) There will be no sharing of equipment during practices and/or games (except for game/ practice balls). All shared equipment should be properly cleaned and disinfected during and after use.

9) Families and athletes will immediately exit the field and/or facility of use.

10) Families and athletes will not congregate following practices and/or games.

11) Families and athletes will clean/disinfect all uniforms, apparel, and equipment immediately after practices and/or games (this includes all lacrosse equipment to the best extent possible).

12) Hand washing and hand sanitizing is required by all athletes and coaches at the beginning and of each team meeting/activity.

13) Athletes will bring their own bottles and water and personal water bottles shall not be shared with other athletes.

14) There shall be no sharing of food or other type products among and between athletes.