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Please take a moment to look over the following guidelines so that you know what you can expect when coming to SPORTSWORLD for a youth soccer game. 

  • Games will be forty-five (45) minute running time (no half time).
  • Games will be played on all three (3) fields - Field 1 (F1), Field 2 (F2), Field 3 (F3).
  • Games will begin as follows: F1 (on the hour), F2 (15 minutes past the hour), F3 (30 minutes past the hour) - as an example F1 7:00 am, F2 7:15 am, F3 7:30 am - this will mean that F1 will end at 7:45 am, F2 will end at 8:00 am and F3 will end at 8:15 am. This process will facilitate the safe and orderly entry and exit of teams (there will only be two (2) teams exiting the building at any time.
  • One (1) spectator is allowed for each player.
  • Players (and accompanied spectator) can ONLY ENTER the building ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled game time - they will be directed to a socially distanced marked holding areas by a facility marshal - once the field that they are scheduled to play on is clear, the marshal will direct them to the field - since the games are staggered every fifteen (15 minutes), there will only be two (2) teams in the holding areas at any time - once again facilitating the safe and orderly entry and exit of teams.
  • There are NO bleachers or sitting areas for spectators - spectators ARE allowed to bring in their own foldable chairs.
  • Once the game is over we ask that you quickly and safely leave the facility.
  • The rest rooms will be open and cleaned continually - the concession area will be CLOSED.
  • There are numerous hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
  • All coaches, players, referees, spectators and staff will be REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times when at/in the facility. This includes during field play (i.e. players MUST wear a mask while playing).

Please understand that this is NEW territory for all of us. Some of the things we are trying to do, in order to meet CDC and the State of Connecticut guidelines, may work and others may not - we may have to adjust after the first week. We ask that you follow our guidelines as well as the ones you may have been already following for you and your family. If you see something NOT working here at SPORTSWORLD - let us know.