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Select Team Structure:

            The “select” teams from each House League age division will be the designated teams to enter the New Mexico Recreational Hockey League (NMRHL).  Criteria for the selection of players will ultimately be at the discretion of each teams’ head coach.  However, the LAHA coaching staff will make every effort to remain as consistent as possible between age divisions for team selection methods and criteria.  There may be exceptions required and selections may be evaluated throughout the season.  The following criteria should be taken into consideration:  commitment to travel, commitment to the house league, coachability and playing skills.

            Select team players will be chosen based on performance throughout the month of November.

            All players chosen to play on the select team will be required to participate in house league practices and games.  There will be an additional fee associated with the select team.  The goal is to provide additional ice time opportunities with more emphasis on team skills and individual skills at game-speed and intensity for the select team.  Each select team will have one separate practice a week and associated NMRHL games. 


The first NMRHL games begin the first weekend of December for most of the teams.  Jerseys will be ready before the first games.  Select Team fees will be due before the first games.