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TITLE                                             APPROVED REVISED


1.   Double Rostering                   10/28/96


2.   Requirements/Selection of Div 1 Coaches        10/28/96


3.   Fund Raising                                  10/28/96


4.   Optimum Roster Sizes               11/25/96


5.   Referee Reimbursement for Courses and Fees 11/25/96


6.   Referee and Assistant Referee Compensation        11/25/96      03/21/00


7. Registration Cut-Off Date(s)                       11/25/96


          8.  Rosters Exceeding Eighteen (18) Players       11/25/96


9.   Refunds for Registration Fees                01/06/97


10. Coaches Evaluation of Players                      01/06/97


11. Open Meetings                              01/06/97


12. Player Eligibility                              02/24/97


13. Playing Up an Age Group             02/24/97


14. Grievance Procedure                 03/23/97


15. Placement of Players                      04/28/97      11/20/00






No team shall be allowed to have more double rostered players than are allowed under the rules of the Coastal League or the MYSA (Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association). The only exception to this rule is if a team is totally comprised of double rostered players and if parents of each player consent to not having this team compete in the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions.






Each Division 1 Coach shall be required to have a minimum Level F Coaching license or have “professional” coaching experience (Example; Freshman, Junior Varsity or Varsity coaching at the H.S. level).


All coaches are encouraged to have a minimum USSF Level G Coaching license. DYSA will reimburse active DYSA Coaches the cost of, up to $40.00, obtaining any license.   Reimbursements shall be subject to Board approval. 


The DYSA Board shall approve the appointment of all Division 1 & 2 coaches.   Consideration will be based upon experience, licensing, and Board evaluation..






All proposals for fund raising shall be evaluated by the Chairperson for Fund Raising and his/her committee and shall be approved by the Board of Directors. All fund raising proposals shall meet the following criteria:


1.       The good name and reputation of the Association must not be jeopardized.


2.       The Association shall realize a reasonable gain from all fundraisers and shall not enter into any agreement where others organizations make an unreasonable profit.






Rosters for each age group in the spring program shall meet the following standards for size:


                 AGE GROUP             MAXIMUM   MINIMUM

             Boys and Girls under 10    14             12

             Boys and Girls under 12    18             14

             Boys and Girls under 14    18             14

             Boys and Girls under 16    20             16

             Boys and Girls under 19    25             16

 Any exception to this policy shall be approved by the Board no later than its regular November meeting.





In an effort to provide top quality referees for all home games of the Duxbury Youth Soccer Association (DYSA), the Association shall utilize only referees registered with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). In order to develop young referees, DYSA shall cover the cost of all first time Duxbury residents for training courses and registration fees.


To promote return referees, DYSA shall reimburse one half the registration fee for all developing referees until they reach the age of twenty-two (22). To be eligible for this reimbursement, the referee shall work at least ten (10) games as a linesman or referee for DYSA.



Referees and linesmen shall be paid for games worked on an increased scale based upon the age level of the competition. The reimbursements for games worked under the jurisdiction of the Duxbury Youth Soccer Association shall be shown as below. These may vary from various Coastal League fees.




Pay Rate  R AR
U10 U10 $16.00 n/a
U12 8X8 $20.00 $15.00
U12 11X11 $22.00 $17.00
U14 11 X11 $27.00 $18.00
U16 11 X 11 $40.00 $20.00
U18/19 11 X 11 $50.00 $25.00






The Board of Directors shall establish registration dates. Any player registering after the appropriate date, shall pay a late fee.  The fee shall be established by the Board.  The date for the fall program shall be determined no later than the July meeting.  The date for the spring program shall be determined no later than the  September meeting.  The registration cutoff date for spring Division 1 player eligibility shall be December 1st unless otherwise voted by the Board.  




If a roster exceeds eighteen (18) players and the team is eligible for the playoffs, the coach of the team must inform the Board of Directors by May 31 as to which eighteen (18) players will be placed on that team’s Mass Tournament of Champions (MTOC) roster.  The coach and the President of the DYSA will mutually develop a fair and equitable plan for determining the selection process, and both players and parents will be notified in writing of the process before before the first scheduled game of the season.  Players not selected for the MTOC roster shall be notified by the coach no later than May 31.





The Association shall provide refunds according to the following:


1.         Request for refund prior to processing a DYSA registration shall be refund in full.


2..    Requests for refunds after player is DYSA registered until the first scheduled game shall be submitted to the Registrar or President of the Association, a refund minus a $10 service charge (per child) shall be given.


3.   There shall be no refunds of registration fees after the first scheduled game.





Each coach shall submit an evaluation of each team player to his/her age group coordinator by December 1 after the conclusion of the fall season and by July 1 after the conclusion of the spring season and November 15 of the fall season.  The forms for these evaluations shall be drawn up by the President and the two Vice Presidents and shall be approved by the Board. The forms shall be included with the distribution of team rosters at the beginning of each season along with specific instructions for their completion. These evaluations may be used to determine the placement of players on fall and spring rosters.





In order to encourage parental attendance and participation as observers at Board meetings, the meetings time and place of Board meetings shall be posted by the Secretary in the Duxbury Clipper and the Duxbury Reporter or the DYSA web site, at least one week before any scheduled meeting. The first ten minutes of each Board meeting shall be set aside for open discussion and for observers to ask questions and to make public comments. Whenever the Board votes to go into executive session, only members of the Board and those invited by the Board shall participate in the executive session.



Youth of Duxbury who are between the ages of eight (8) and nineteen (19) and meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) are eligible to play soccer for the Duxbury Youth Soccer Association (DYSA).


Programs will be divided into Girls and Boys Divisions by age groups as specified by the bylaws of the MYSA.  Divisions shall be structured by age and comprised of players who are, before the first day of AUGUST of the current season.


1.       Up to the Age of Nineteen (19)

2.       Up to the Age of Seventeen (17)

3.       Up to the Age of Sixteen (16)

4.       Up to the Age of Fifteen (15)

5.       Up to the Age of Fourteen (14)

6.       Up to the Age of Twelve (12)

7.       Up to the Age of Ten (10)


The DYSA Board of Directors can define the eligibility for each age group as long as it does not conflict with the requirements of the MYSA. The Board may also waive the requirements in individual cases for the benefit of the program.





In order to register in the U-10 category, a player must be age appropriate. Age appropriate for this category is defined as being at least eight (8) years of age prior to December 31 of the year in which she/he registers for the first time.  Any DYSA registrant may elect to play up an age category as long as he/she is grade appropriate. To move up an age category1 the following procedure must be carried out.


            1.  A written parental request must be turned in with the player's registration.

2.    The Board of Directors shall approve all valid requests.

3.    Any U10 player requesting to play up must obtain the approval of the Coastal League prior to doing so.  A form shall be submitted to the league for each player.


Once a registered player has moved up an age category, she/he will not be allowed to move back to a lower age category. Under no conditions shall a U-10 or a U-12 registrant who is not age and/or grade appropriate be allowed to play up an age category.


Age appropriate U-14 or U-16 registrants may petition the Board of Directors to play up an age category. The petition must be turned in at the time of registration.





Any person associated with youth soccer affiliated with DYSA, whether officer, director, player, coach, referee, or parent, may file a grievance regarding any aspect or activity of the operations of DYSA. All such complaints must be made in writing to the Board of Directors, care of its President. The President shall then direct the appropriate Vice President of Boys or Girls to investigate the matter to its satisfaction and then take appropriate action after first reporting to the Board of his/her findings to either dismiss the charge(s) as unsubstantiated or to state that appropriate action may be warranted by the Board.


When the Board sustains complaints that involve disciplinary action, the following steps may be invoked:


1.       Letter of Reprimand to the appropriate party or parties;


2.       Suspension from all active participation in youth soccer affiliated with DYSA for a fixed period of time to the appropriate party(s),


3.       Dismissal from any future involvement with activities affiliated with DYSA for a fixed period of time to the appropriate party(s).


The severity of the discipline shall be determined by the majority of the members of the Board at any regular or special meeting of the Board with a quorum present and voting. In some cases the Board may decide to turn the matter over to a legal representative or other legal authorities.


When felt appropriate by the Board or the President, the person who the complaint is against may be temporarily suspended from active participation in any activity connected with DYSA during investigation of the complaint(s). The temporary suspension may not exceed ninety (90) days unless the aggrieved party has properly argued to the Board for the matter to be reconsidered to annul its previous vote.

All final decisions regarding the complaint(s) must be rendered in writing and copies mailed within two (2) weeks of the decision to all parties concerned. It shall be the policy of DYSA, but not binding due to the uncertainty of future complaints, to reach a decision within forty4ive (45) days of receipt of the written complaint. Every effort shall be made to resolve each complaint in a timely fashion.





In order to maintain a competitive Division I team for each age category and balanced abilities for each Recreational and Division 2 teams, the subsequent policy shall be followed. This policy shall be used in conjunction with eligibility requirements set forth by the Board of Directors of DYSA.


                                1.0   UlO


1.1            By nature this category is an instructional level and is for skill development. DYSA shall make every effort to balance skill and age level between each team entered in the Coastal League.


1.2            Players shall be placed on respective teams by a draft each year conducted by the Coaches or assigned randomly by the age group coordinator.



                2.0  Ul2 through Ul4


At these levels players shall be divided into Division 1 and 2.  Division 1 shall consist of the higher rated players selected at the time of the draft within each age category.  Division 2 shall consist of the remaining players.


                                               2.1 DIVISION 1


2.1.1            Their coaches during the previous season(s) shall rate players. Coach's ratings shall be done during the spring and fall seasons. The age group coordinator shall collect the evaluations, after the Memorial Day weekend for the spring and after the fourth week of games in the fall.


2.1.2            Tryouts for Division 1 shall be by invitation of the top players of each age level. Initial ratings shall be done by the coaches and compiled by the age group coordinator(s). Invitations shall be extended to a minimum of thirty-six (36) players at each age category. Any new player to the DYSA program shall be invited to the tryout.


2.1.3            During tryouts the players shall be rated on small sided and/or full field games along with any other evaluation method the age group coordinator deems appropriate. The Age Group Coordinator(s) shall appoint a minimum of four (4) and no more than seven (7) evaluators consisting of the following:


A).   Prospective head coach of the Division 1 team(,

                                                             B)   (1 or 2) same sex/level team coach,

             C)   (1 or 2) opposite sex team coach,

       D)  (1) Representative of the DYSA Board


2.1.4            Tryout ratings shall be done by the impartial evaluators and compiled by the age group coordinator(s). The players shall be ranked with the highest first.  Previous coach's ratings may be used in tie breaking decisions.


2.1.5            Goalkeepers shall be required to tryout as field players in addition to a subsequent goalkeeper evaluation.


2.1.6            The number of players chosen for each Division I team shall be voted at a Board of Directors meeting at which time the top players shall be appointed. In the case where a goalkeeper or goalkeepers is/are not chosen based on field ability, the goalkeeper(s) selected shall bump the player(s) with the lowest ranking(s). In this case the goalkeeper(s) should not be used as a regular field player(s) during games as he/she has made the team only as a goalkeeper(s).


2.1.7            Once a player is placed on a Division I team, he/she does not automatically get placed on that team in the following year. All players are required to tryout every year for placement on the Division I team.


2.1.8            In the event a Head Coach feels he/she needs to fill a spot or spots on the Division I roster, the next highest rated player(s) shall be placed on the Division I team.


2.1.9            In the event a parent chooses not to have his/her child play in Division I and play in Division 2, he/she must notify the appropriate Age Group Coordinator at least two (2) months before the beginning of the season.


2.1.10            In the event that a player does not meet deadline requirements for registration and attend tryouts for the appropriate age, that player shall not be eligible for Division I play and shall be placed on a Division 2 team if there is room.




2.2.1            When the Board or Age Group Coordinator feels it is appropriate for a particular age group to have a Division 2 selected team, the selected team shall be the next highest ranked players under the Division 1 team.  Players placed on this team shall have participated in the tryout process for the Division 1 team and/or attend a separate tryout for the Division 2 team.


2.2.2            There need not be a tryout for placement on the remaining Division 2 teams. The players shall be placed on their respective teams, by the Age Group Coordinator(s) based upon their previous season(s) rankings. The Age Group Coordinator(s) may elect to have a draft with their prospective coaches.


2.2.3            The Age Group Coordinator shall try to balance skill and age level as best as possible with the Division 2 remaining players.



                 3.0 Ul6 through Ul9


Whereas the number of players in these age categories vary greatly from year to year, the Board of Directors shall approve the placement process recommended by the Age Group Coordinator at or before their October meeting for the upcoming spring season. One of the following methods shall be used:


A.       Group all players in the same age group together.


B.       Hold a special tryout for all players wishing to be placed on Division I.


C. Any other method voted by the Board.